Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine


Nope, sorry.

The seats in my car never had those on


Seat belt retainers are a GTO fitment only, Not fitted to any year of 3000GT


Sorry…Is the engine still available?


Sorry dude, but I sold it. Not much left of my car now


What you got left James?



Both side skirts
Rear bumper
Ecu (all ecus apart from aero)
Corner cap things
Heater box
Rear spoiler
Most internal switches and stalks
Sail panels
New oem rear subframe bushes
Sunroof mech
Door handles
Various bits of trim
Front calipers (bigger ones)
Infinity 6*9 speakers


May be interested in the side skirts as long as nothing is broken on them,
Main ecu,
Possibly back bumper


Give me a call James i need a couple of them bits

Cheers Rob


Carpet is a black one, so more desirable. Got a bit a weird mark where the pedal foot mat was, but a mat would cover it up.

To be honest the bumper, skirts and carpet are free of charge if you want them.

Ecu is £60


Hi John here need exhaust for twin turbo have you got cheers


Will PM you to keep all the back and forth in the topic


Sorry I sold the exhaust


No doubt too late, but…do you still have the centre air vent surround. I saw it in one of your earlier pics, with only the right hand vent/diffuser still in it. Not bothered about the actual diffusers, more the rectangular housing that they press into.


No, sorry. I sold the whole dash, plus I think I broke it!


Hi do you still have the sunroof motor and mech if so how much are you willing to let it go for ? Cheers steve


Hi, yes I’ve still got that. What’s a fair price?


James i am still after those parts for the sun roof that you said you had have you still got them ? And where do you live cheers steve


Yep, I’ve still got them.

I’m near Ashbourne Fridays and weekends and in Reading Mon to Thurs


Hi Rob
I know you are a gold mine of information on these cars so I hope you don’t mind me correcting you on this point. They were fitted to the 3000 GT SL.


They were indeed fitted to quite a few of the US cars, but you don’t see many of them being broken over here and i was referring to the UK and EU cars…but a good point Joe