Clear out see anything you want

(Grumpy pants) #1

Clearing out… getting rid… also have a na silver spoiler, oil cooler pipes cost £60 to be made alone and are perfect condition, loads of switches, coil packs all that you see.

(Kyle May) #2

Hi mate.
I’ll take that lot of you only trouble is I’m out working in Canary Islands till September

(Grumpy pants) #3

Ok mate will put it all out the way for you in the loft, text me if you still
have my number to arrange you can pick up lights then too :+1:

(Kyle May) #4

Nice one Dave thank you. Yeah I will drop you a message later

(Grumpy pants) #5

For sale again… as individual items just ask me…

(James Jones) #6

Hi Dave,

Do I see a pair of the plastic covers for mk2 front fog lights? If so I will have em mate.


(Grumpy pants) #7

I believe so mate will check in the loft tomorrow… came off rusty…

(James Jones) #8

Really just the plastic cover for the passenger side is what I need as the clip is broken on hoopy but happy to take the pair.