GFB Boost Controller Group Buy Extended to 15th October


Hi Gary

We can coax a nice worth while increase out yours, if you come over and let us set it up for you

Give me a call if you need it installing too

Cheers Rob


Free installs !!!


Put me down for one Rob please. i will call you next week.




Whats the rough cost of getting one of these set up and installed?


They are easy to install Scott and if you start off @ 6 psi and just log the car for knock you may get to 8 or even 9psi if there is zero knock on the logger

Any more than that on stock injectors and your asking for trouble

8 psi should give a GTO TT nice increase in power and you would notice it when driving

Cheers Rob

  1. Arron Ellis
  2. Martin Stuart
  3. Colin_GTO
  4. Kawascouse
  5. gto66


1.Arron Ellis
2.Martin Stuart
4. Kawascouse


Go on mate do it lol.
I have a logger to check for knock. We can help each other install and set up if you want.



When will these be avaiable?

Thanks Gary


Ending Group buy on 30th of this month and then they go back up to correct price of £229.95

I will still do this group buy for those who have put their names down for one

Cheers Rob


You can’t log Scott’s car its a cross breed :joy:


Last chance to order one of the Boost Controllers at a stupid price

offer closes at midnight on the 30th September and WILL NOT be repeated again

Cheers Rob


1.Arron Ellis
2.Martin Stuart
4. Kawascouse
6.Jensen (Paid)


Does any body know what the crack is with these boost controler s ie who do we pay when and how lost in translation at the moment cheers Steve


Hi Steve
These are being sold by @GSXRKID Rob at evil empire.
Give him a ring and he will take payment and delivery info. 01702 614469


Then the wait begins :wink::joy::joy:


Ok so everyone who said they wanted one, all you need to do is call me on 01702-614469 and make the payment and i will dispatch the Boost Controller to you by courier

I also have these in stock so there will be no wait Collin as soon as they are paid they will be dispatched !!


1.Arron Ellis (PAID)
2.Martin Stuart
3.Colin GTO (PAID)
4. Kawascouse(PAID
6.Jensen (PAID)
7.Reeece Cambridge


Have extended this for another week as a few people have asked if i can do this

I have 3 left at this price then they go back up to the proper price

So don’t delay give me a call during the week and obtain one at a really good saving



Hi Rob
Thanks again for this group buy. Has everyone paid for and received them?
I know your pretty busy, but when you get chance could you sort the setup guide for us. Cheers.