I’m no mechanic

Newbie here … brought myself a GTO mk2 with my redundancy money as I have always liked the look of them but I am no mechanic so I might be asking lots of questions. I’m in Cambridgeshire
My car is a non turbo so I might be in the near future swapping it for a turbo but undecided at the moment


Welcome to the club and congratulations on your purchase :+1:

Let’s see the car - we all like pictures :grinning:

Also your in the right place for technical knowledge and support- within the club their are many people who have the knowledge to help - you can also use the search function to look for solutions to various issues.



Welcome to GTOUK !

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Welcome to the club. As James says pictures are the thing that stop us badgering you.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK.

There’s a wide variety of skills within the club , some guys had never picked up a spanner but now happily do some work on their cars , never be afraid to ask a question someone always will help where they can , also throw some banter in along the way .

If your planning on doing some work on your car then investing in a usb from the club with the workshop manuals on is well worth while




Welcome and good luck with the car.

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Welcome to the club mate,

The non turbo and twin turbo cars are completely different under the surface so it’s a mammoth task to do.

Better to keep the non turbo going as is or buy a complete rotten twin turbo car and swap it all.


Welcome, where in Cambridgeshire are you as I’m only 30 mins from cambridge

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Welcome aboard Carl, good to have you aboard the best Forum there is. Firstly, as Craig has already said, never be afraid of asking for help, or how to do something with your car. We all pride ourselves in trying to help out.
I think you have started off very well acquiring a normally aspirated GTO. I own one, and done so for 15 years, and apart from one leaking coolant radiator, she has never let me down.
Make sure youi read the “Buyers Guide” on this Forum. There’s a whole wealth of info on this site, just pace yourself fella.
Happy motoring!
Whereabouts in Cambs are you?



Welcome to the club Carl.
Lots of help and advice available on the forum as I discussed with you.
You have a lovely clean example there, add some pics when you get a chance.
Be good to see you again soon and get a look underneath.

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i am in cambridgeshire as well. Welcome to the club ,
where do you live?

A warm welcome to you! do you have any pics?!

Var is das pics?
Good to see new blood entering the fold

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I’m in Huntingdon


Expect a visit from @ms8leach then :joy:

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[quote=“jamesbazun, post:12, topic:82307, full:true”]
A warm welcome to you! do you have any pics?!
I have changed the colour of the wheels so I will put up more pics when taken


Looks nice that , be better with a mk2 rear bumper though IMO , not often you see a mk1 bumper on a mk2 , normally t’other way around .

Lovely looking car mind :sunglasses:

Tbh I wouldn’t of known the difference when I brought the car but thank you for pointing this out

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The reds do look amazing when they have a wet look gloss shine on them :sunglasses:, you must be chuffed with that