Just bought a GTO on ebay - anyone know it?


Looks lovely


Oil pressure sounds about right mate,
washer pump has a very flimsy connection so might just need a wiggle to make it work again,
fuel smell could be on the return line at the top of the fuel tank where there’s a steel pipe going back into the tank - I’ve had it leak there before but not leave any puddle as it drops on the shield below the tank


Might be worth checking the charcoal cannister in the engine bay as well if youre smelling fuel


Thanks guys, I have it booked in for a full check so I’ll report back once that’s taken place.


you really need a garage who understands the car rather than a garage that does everything and knows nothing about GTO’s or 3000GT’s

Most of the problems are normal stuff to me and if they are the only ones you have got a good one…lol
Front washer jets may be the washer pump unplugged even

The gearboxes on these cars are not the best but with the right oil you can make them a lot better

I would personally recommend Westfield Motors as a go to place and they are only in Rayleigh so around a 45 minute-ish drive from you and they know these cars inside out

Westfields have an excellent reputation for working on our cars and always have about 10-15 cars there awaiting to be worked on. so sometimes there is a queue

They are also the best place for engine rebuilds too and have core blocks there to make the process quicker for customers

Oh and the best bit is they are very cheap labour wise

Westfield Motors ltd.
Unit 8
Westfield Close
Rawreth Industrial Estate

01268 783205


Xado additive will improve the box with an oil change, myself and others have used it and I had 1 to second issues… cleared up soon after, bushes in the shift may help slop.



Yes I use it too !


Thanks for the garage recommendation, I’ll definitely take it to Westfield Motors; I’ll give them a call tomorrow.

Thanks for all the suggestions and advice guys, really excited to own the car and I’m looking forward to getting it to where I want it to be.

I will get a progress thread started soon :+1:t4:


Ask to speak to Ian when you do

Let me know when your going and i can make a visit to meet you an have a look at the old girl with you as i am about only about 20 mins away from them

Regards Rob


Robs a good man like it, took mine down to him when I brought it and thankfully it wasn’t a total piece of ■■■■! Lol