Luke's gto for sale twin turbo modified


Well the time has come to either put it up for sale or strip for parts I think. It’s a shame that I can’t afford to get it to how I want but I have nowhere to keep it either

Please pm @LukeGTO for details.


That’s a shame mate after all your work , hope things change so you can keep her


Sorry too see mate… sad but know you’ve struggled.

You and me both know the score on breaking or selling… If you wanna do it the usual space is free at moment.



After recent personal events, luke has made the decision to part with his car… I can provide some information and help with viewing by members if required.

Thanks Dave


Looks amazing in this colour, shame to see it go


Are you still selling it?


Yes it is but looking more likely to be broken


Hi Luke,

Would you let it go for 3000?




Just wondering, how much would you get in total if you manage to sell everything by breaking it?..


@LukeGTO has now placed this on sale at £2500 no offer’s and been listed on Facebook market place.

I suggest anyone interested be very quick.


:open_mouth: thats cheap for his, its lovely