Mitsubishi Gto MK3 SR auto ( RUSTY )


Mitsubishi Gto na auto, show ready.
1000s spent on this car in last 6 months to bring it up to show spec.
Full respray just over a month ago in a metallic paint that is bright in the sun as pics and darker when not, front bumper needs re spraying again as some ■■■■ backed into me a week after… ( just paint cracks and a small dent filler fell out of where bumper was smoothed, sticker over it at present. Price inc getting bumper done, have the paint so will not cost much or can negotiate)
Just had all welding done, all problem area’s delt with or solid for years to come.

Just over 80k Mots from import proves genuine miles, lots of bills.

Full cambelt water pump etc from evil empire done 800 miles ago, full service, recon automatic box, alloy rad and new cooler fitted, genuine k&n forced air intake, expensive lightweight wheels, new rear break’s, one off front grills, rear lights one off rebuild by me, front multi change halo light build, under car and bonnet multi function led light show, uprated white 6000k led main beam, new electronic Ariel last week, beautiful unmarked again rare interior of the MK3.
Everything working, Aircon done 2 week’s ago, remote’s X2 all again working.

Full MOT will be done at asking price or near to it.
GTO 31 plate Inc

No swaps or px wanted thanks guy’s
Gtouk price £4500 as is with paint inc to diy.
See my project rusty for more information on the build/full repairs.


I’ve driven this car when Dave bought it to the Xmas bash , it drives beautifuly , handles really well stops quickly and straight with no vagueness in the pedal , steering is nice and tight and the autobox is crisp in gear changes .

Was really impressed with how well it drove to be honest and well worth anyone considering .

Good luck with the sale mate

By the way NO. I don’t want another :wink:


Spotless interior, all door and boot weather strips replaced with non leaking ones, repaired window door strip to NS both now perfect.


Why :sob::sob::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:? Although to anyone thinking about it Dave has done a cracking job and the is in great shape better buying this than a cheap unknown eBay job.



I have to consider what is important, unfortunately my car days are over for now, I don’t want sympathy those that know… know and i value all your freindships over the last few years.

I really did try to stay… really hard after smokin and went like a bull at it.

Will look at advertising it on eBay etc when I confirm what I am doing, but for now it’s here sat on the drive almost looks like a new car… and drive’s that way too :+1:

Cheers Dave


@jerry_SC , cmon mate a MK3 n/a surely needs a place on your fleet :heart_eyes:


Any old scrap metal… That’s that gone :joy:


Just imagine… crusing through the red light district in this… common someone must like :dog2: :+1:



Bump, last chance I can take 4k on it or its going on ebay to auction in the next couple of weeks, once I have put a straight mot on it and had bumper done.

Cant drive it do to my hand, no other reason, you wont be disappointed…

Cheers Dave


Sad day matey :sob:


Its just a car mate, more worried about loosing another load of dosh… but hey ho


If you are def selling it, get it on eBay ASAP and take advantage of people wanting a summer car


I really don’t think it makes alot of odds with our car’s but that’s the plan.

Have sold them summer just as cheap winter, be a long long time before these appreciate… so long most will be gone ( in the UK anyway) unless your @markie1978 :joy:


I’ve been keeping an eye on them for the past few months, they 100% sell faster than in the winter. Some cars are only for sale for a couple of days (other than all those over priced really shiny ones in london with the weird looking number plates)


Open to sensible offers now as I have explored all avenues with it.

I have pre done all mot work in advance, welding ( totally solid throughout now)

Both track rods, exhaust downpipes, break’s & just had a recon starter.
Total cost of this project now stands at £5500

Car will have 13mths MOT on sale, wants for absolutely nothing other than the front bumper doing again if you desire ( paint Inc)



I await for top autos bid lol , you have the lowdown on that scenario now though :+1: Good luck mate you got a reserve on it ?


Nope :joy: 4 years of gto ownership is quite enough for me now :astonished:
But I do still regret smokin… it’s very difficult to get a tt right and he was purrrfec.


Good luck on the sale mate.
Jerry :grinning: