New - Thinking of buying a GTO

Hi, I am new to the GTO and thinking of buying one. I have been reading some reviews online and I’m not sure it is what I am looking for. I have owned a Nissan 300ZX and a Toyota Supra before and wanted to give the GTO a try.

I am looking to spend around £25,000.


Hi Alex and welcome to GTOUK.
Are you looking for a standard or modified car?
We have a buyers guide you should take a look at on the homepage.

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25k ? :flushed:

Don’t fall for the expensive ebay cars , some of them are not worth the money they are up for Yes I will get shot down because people will say our cars should be worth more than they are , but I’m sorry there are a lot of cars that you could buy with15k that are better let alone 25k

Now if your budget is actually 2.5k you are going to have to do some careful checking , similar to the situation above with high prices people now think the dogs can demand higher prices


Don’t know if anyone saw the article in this months Modern Classics ? Following discussion with Evil Rob, their experts have predicted that a twin turbo could be valued at around £20k within the next 5 years.

So with a £25k budget, you should be able to get a fairly good example for around a third of your budget. You would then have a decent sum, to maintain and improve your new buy, and still be well under that projected figure of £20k.

It’s not before time that the public and motoring journalists recognise the rarity, uniqueness and style, that these cars possess in abundance !!


"Following discussions with Evil Rob their experts have predicted that a twin turbo could be valued around 20k in the next 5 years "

Not having a knock at you john but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read this morning :joy::joy::joy::joy: I do hope for you guys the prices do hit those targets the funny thing for me was the expert and Rob conversation :joy::joy:


You should get a car that is really top class if you can find one at well under your budget, you could look for a pristine 3000gt Uk spec mk 1 for example which is a rare car, or decide if you want a gen2 or 3 with the cosmetic changes. Decide Gto or 3000gt.
The first thing to look for, in my book, is rust under the rear of the car and for your kind of money it should be ultra clean. Then everything mechanical, smooth quiet engine and snychros on 1st to third gear particularly. Then all the electics are spot on, active aero, abs, windows up and down smoothly etc etc. Service history. The problem will be finding a car good enough in the Uk
You could get a very good car from Japan for that kind of money say a 99 full spec, a top grade car will then have almost certainly no rust and should be overall excellent, check out the Jap auction websites.
But the club is showing at the Practical Classic Classic Car and Restoration Show at the Nec 22-24 March, why not come and say hello and see our cars.
Good luck with your quest hope you find something excellent, they are great cars.

Thank you for the replies, I am looking for a standard 1999/2000 car. To be honest I don’t like the 3000GT so I will be looking for a GTO.

Is there anywhere that details the model differences? Or colours that were available in those years?


Craig…are you doubting the knowledge of the “Evil” one ?? Lol. Yeah would be great if these could achieve anything like that value…would be nice to be in profit at some stage…just need to pray that the rust doesn’t scupper me first !! :joy::joy::joy:

Welcome to GTOUK @Alex_GT !

welcome to the club :slight_smile:
good luck with finding the right car for you there some nice cars out there just dont rush it as some have said a few on ebay are over priced :confused:

Thanks! Yes I have been looking on eBay and the other usual places for a few months but I haven’t seen anything yet.

Welcome and good luck with the search

I have been researching and I am a bit confused about model versions.

I was originally looking for a VR-4 model but after some research it looks like these were only available in the US so they will all be left hand drive?

I am now looking for an MR model as they are apparently around 150kg lighter than the normal model, is this true?


Yes vr4 is simply the name given to a us market full spec 3000gt twin turbo, awd aero abs 4ws ecs cruise etc. Has chassis code z16a.
Mr is a jap market car and is simply tt 4wd twin turbo, does not even have abs on models from 1994-1995.
These have a chassis code z15a and were available from when the gen 2 car was first made ( fixed headlights) up until the final year of production in 1999.
(There was a limited edition gen 1 car called special version/ mr but this was simply a name and was a z16a car)
There is also an sr car which is a non turbo version and 5 speed.
They are lighter and were lower price new to give mitsubishi a car to offer at a lower price point and so more chances to sell, compared to a full spec car.
I think its a great choice of car with less stuff to maintain.
For mr some say mitsubishi racing, some say mostly removed !!!
So some info for you to go on.

Hi, I am in Leicestershire. What year is your car?


Welcome to GTOUK @jamie4 car is looking good , some more pictures please !

Hello and welcome neighbor,I’m in Hinckley.

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Hi everyone thanks for the welcome yes I will upload more pics.
I’m in Suffolk east coast.
My car is a m reg 1994, twin turbo, 6 speed, non pop up head light. Had rear steer delete, all new powder coat sub frames. All brand new race poly bushes. Tein coilover suspension, massive k sport brakes can’t remember the size. But 8 pot on the front 6pot on the rear. Loads more lol trying to remember.


Congratulations, looks good