Proud new owner: Many questions ahead!

(David Perkins) #21

Moved and created new topic for you in technical section.

(Samuel Brooks) #22

Thanks very much Dave!

(David Perkins) #23

(Edward John Burnell) #24

When will we see more videos?

(Samuel Brooks) #25

Hi - I really thought there would be a new one by now but last time I was at the workshop we just could not get the clutch activating enough. We cycled quite a lot of fluid through but either still have air bubbles or the slave or master cylinder rod will need adjusting. I’m hoping it’s the former. Going to get a vacuum pump and have another try but I’ve not been able to get to the workshop for a bit.

(David Perkins) #26

Hi mate you may notice alot of catagories missing like technical, unfortunately your one if the ones affected by the new system roll out for 18/19.
You will need to sign up again to full membership in the club shop to get technical again.


(Samuel Brooks) #27

Hi Dave,

I’m a bit confused. Did my payment last November get returned and I need to pay again or have I lost 6 months of subscription?

(David Perkins) #28

Hi payments run April to April or part there of, you paid £20.91 in oct this took you to 1st April 18.
Your subscription will now last a full year, you need to restart your subscription in the shop, thanks.

Dilapidated Dave :joy: