Tickets..Japfest Silverstone 23rd April 2023

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Dear ,

Thank you for registering your club for Japfest Silverstone 2023. To book club tickets for your club stand, please use the code below:

Club Name: GTO UK
Code: JF101-258

You can either use this code to book the tickets on behalf of your Club, or pass this code onto your Club Members to make their individual bookings themselves.

How to book your tickets:

  1. Click here to reach the ticket page.

  2. After entering your details, please select ‘YES’ to attend as a part of a club.

  3. This will then prompt you to enter the code you were given above.

  4. You can then proceed to book your club tickets and add ons as required.

Please ensure you select a display entry ticket if you or your members wish to display their car.

CLUB DEADLINE: Monday 27th March 2023


Early Bird Ticket

£20 per person*

Available until 20th February 2023

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I’m up for this. Do we need to buy our own tickets or will it be done through the club shop?

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Definitely up for this!

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I’m all booked in for japfest :facepunch:t2:

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Awwww :sleepy: thays my sons birthday. Dont think i can come play.

That’s a shame Rachel, it’s one of the best car shows on the Calendar, but family is family :hugs:.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

You can buy directly from the link in Simon’s post :+1:

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Thanks, just booked our tickets


Attendee list:

  1. Mark6
  2. Joe
  3. George1

Joe we should meet on the way & follow each other as your not far from me :facepunch:t2:

Sounds like a plan!

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your car on the road now mark?

All booked!


Hi there
I have just signed up for free on here but i am not a full member. Would i still be able to use the code for japfest st silverstone to come as part of your car club with my 3000gt? Please let me know as i would like to buy tickets

Many thanks
Ian woodhouse

Hi @ian9,

Unfortunately club rules state only full members are allowed to display their cars on a club stand.

Of course you’re more than welcome to join the largest and best GTO/3000GT club in the UK please see the link below on how to become a full member.



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Mark, It would be good to meet up with you, as well as Joe, whom I have now met briefly at a couple of Jap meets.
Last year, this event attracted an absolute shed load of Jap cars. Frankly I had never seen so many. There were, I believe, only a small handful of our members there with their cars, and hats off to them for getting there. I was daft and didn’t book in time, and had to park mine out in the public car park.
I think this year I’ll apply some effort, so all being well, will be there.
Our cars are still the most stylish of them all



Just a reminder Japfest Tickets are on Early Bird offer at £20 pp until 20th February saving £5 per person after that date :+1:.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:


Hi Richard yes was only off road for a short while :+1:t2::grinning:

Hi Mike yes definitely have to meet up on the way & convoy in all together.
Will be nice to finally meet you after all this time chatting to you over the years :+1:t2: