(Tracy Parkin) #30

So 3 days to go to food order deadline.

Think I have everyone’s apart from…


guess who???

@just_cool :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tracie :santa:

(Terry Wilkes) #31

Only just got confirmation that 'er indoors is coming too, now have to book it :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #32

Great Terry.

Looking forward to meeting Mrs Cool, or is it Cool Mrs :grin:

Let me know both your both requirements if you can please.

Tracie :santa:

(Terry Wilkes) #33

Will do it later, when she gets home from work :thinking:

Terry :sunglasses:

(David Perkins) #34

Oooh a GTOUK baptism :joy::astonished::kissing_smiling_eyes:

(David Perkins) #36

@d_collcutt Anna said you and Jo said about possibly coming on fb :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(Mark Peasnall) #37

i must get my arse in gear and sort this out been meaning to do it for weeks just haven’t found the time yet

(David Perkins) #38

3 days left mark :+1: be good to see you there.

(Mark Peasnall) #39

i’ll sort it tomorrow mate been in my wallet for a month got the phone number the prices and what food i want :joy:

(David Perkins) #40

Steve & Tracie
Dave & Anna
Scott & Vicky
Mr & Mrs Cool

(Mark Peasnall) #41

Room booked I asked about paying for the meal and what I wanted and she was unsure as Fiona doesn’t work there anymore

But I would like

Prawn starter
Turkey dinner
Cheesecake dessert

Mark :grinning:

(Terry Wilkes) #42

My rooms booked too, will let you know the menu tonite, yeah!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #43

OK, just phoned hotel, I’m guessing no-one has paid for the meal yet, as Fiona has left, and as I found today - the new lady - Sophie couldn’t book meals.

So I need to phone tomorrow and talk to Lauren regarding booking the meals - not food options, I will deal with that but just payment for your meals needs organising.

All a bit different from last year, but guessing a change of staff at the hotel, so hang fire, will update tomorrow, as long as your rooms are booked that the main thing for you guys.

Tracie :santa:


Tracy is on the case :sunglasses:

Whoa betide anyone messing about on the other end

(Terry Wilkes) #45

I’m good :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #46


OK phoned the hotel, I’m guessing that nobody has yet paid for the meal, if you have already paid then great, but it seems they haven’t been requesting payment for the meal at the time of booking the rooms.

If not, please call 01509 672427 select Option 2, to pay - £22.50 per head, Kathryn is who I spoke to and seemed on the ball (famous last words probably :thinking:).

I will advise them of your food orders.

Those who have already booked rooms may receive an automated email from the hotel saying something similar.


A little :bird: tells me you might be coming :+1: , if so could you let me know your food orders by tomorrow please.

Tracie :santa:

(Mark Peasnall) #47

All sorted and paid for from my end :grin:

(Jensen Richardson) #48

Just waiting on confirmation from sitter so me and lil can come :grinning:

(Tracy Parkin) #49

Great Jensen, fingers crossed, would be great to meet Lil properly for a natter.

Tracie :santa:

(Scott Robertshaw) #50

so i have to ring and pay for 2 meals and room? forgive me but i cant be assed to read whole thread in my current state