Few bits and pieces


Ok I have for sale

Pair of blue electric folding wing mirrors , can’t be bothered with the hassle of fitting them so will happily let them move on , had a look at them today and they are in better nick than the ones on the car , will clean them up though

Front cam cover , scabby as but ideal for polishing or powder coating , off a 4 bolt motor

Standard air box , either sells or it’s bin fodder like the y pipe that went earlier .

Possible sale of my lexan blue headlights , no lacquer peel and in good condition , no interest I will file them in the loft incase I break a glass one

Pictures and prices to follow


Can I have the air box please Craig? Mine is missing clips and broken where it bolts on

Let me know how much you want for it, and where you want the funds sending


Mines got a couple of clips missing but you should be able to make a full kit ? Will throw the filter in too as it looks newish :joy:


Thanks, though I’ve got a k&n one in now.

Yeah, I would have thought I’d be able to make up a complete set


Yours then will pm you tomorrow :+1:


Cheers. It’s off the road until next year, so no rush :joy:


How much for the mirrors


Elect folding mirrors looking £50 for the pair plus postage , used so not in perfect condition but better than what’s on my car currently

Lexan headlights

£100 + postage

Great condition , the ripples in the pictures are the reflection of the ceiling and not defects


Headlights sold