100 years of Mitsubishi tour

(Jerry Castle) #21

That makes 3 of us l am in as well woohoo.
Should be a good one looking forward to this .

(Jerry Castle) #22

do l need a co driver?


So it’s now 3 good motors in the line up then :sunglasses: Glad you got in too Jerry

(David Perkins) #24

Brilliant Jerry well chuffed for you :+1:

(Jensen Richardson) #25

Great news Jerry.
Enjoy it mate.

(Tracy Parkin) #26

Brilliant. Well done Jerry :+1::+1::+1:

Tracie :bee:

(Gsxr_kid ) #27

Buy a Optima Yellow Top Paul far better a battery

(Paul Wright) #28

I’ve got a small box in the boot so a optima is too big. The oddesey is only 250 mm x 250 mm iirc. The optima is close to full size


(Steve Parkin) #29

Well done @jerry_SC which one of the many you taking? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


(Jerry Castle) #30

Got to be the 3000gt!!!

(Paul Wright) #31

I didn’t know you had purchased one mate? Hard to keep up.


(Jerry Castle) #32

Yes it’s a 99

(David Perkins) #33


(Steve Parkin) #34

So here we a have first for our Club.

I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of all the GTOUK Members here, we just want to wish you all a great day, I’m VERY proud that 3 of our Members cars have been accepted to drive in the Mitsubishi Motors Centenary Tour, out of a total invite sent out of only 50 in the whole of the UK that is a great compliment to your standard of car and quite an achievement.

Thank you to @Marty_K for sending the invite to us hope you have a great day as Co-driver with Ian @ORV .

@jerry_SC,@PaulW, @ORV , well done for getting accepted, and the two other Co- drivers, @jensenrichardson and Gorza (Mrs. Paul W.), have a brilliant day, it’s a new one for us at GTOUK and we’re all looking forward to seeing the coverage, plenty of pics for the Website/Facebook and Instagram please peeps.

Have a safe run.


(Scott Robertshaw) #35

Yeah well done guys gutted my cars an import would have loved to come with you.

(Ian Littlewood) #36

Cheers @stevie We will be doing our best to show how good our cars are from the club. Will send photos as we progress through the day.

(David Perkins) #37

Yup same here have a great day and PHOTOS! Please I should say :heart:


Hope you folks have a great time :sunglasses: 3 stunning cars well worth of their places

(Jensen Richardson) #39

Looking foward to being part of this event. Thanks Jerry for the invite. Had the ramp to myself fri-sun, so was supposed to be getting on with the car. With this event and santa pod it’s a busy event weekend.

(Jerry Castle) #40

Thanks for that Steve, looking forward to a great day and will be sporting GTOUK clothing of course. Should be good and there will be 8 3000gt, there in all so maybe get some new members?