100 years of Mitsubishi tour

(Marty_K) #1

We have been invited to apply to take part in a little tour organised by Mitsubishi UK.
Starts at Mitsubishi UK headquarters in Cirencester. 30th September. Hill climb included. Should be spectacular.
UK spec cars only, so, for us, 3000GT’s only.
They will check, so don’t think you can fool them and bring a GTO!
Only 50 cars total, so entry far from guaranteed.
Closing date is this Friday! Be quick.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #2

We have some Great 3000GT’S out there , go for it Guys :wink:


Just downloaded it , worth sending off to see , thanks for the heads up yesterday @Marty_K


@ORV this should deffo be one for your motor , got to be a good certainty if you went for it

(Ian Littlewood) #5

Yes @CDMH , this would be nice to do. Going to enter so fingers crossed. Thanks @Marty_K for the info.

(Paul Wright) #6

Defo one for you Ian @ORV. I will apply also but I don’t think a 500 hp modified car will be in keeping with their event guidelines.



Been having a think about this and I have more work to do on the GT which would make this event more difficult so I’m going to pass , I really hope both @ORV and @Paulw your cars get in as they are stunning and would really do the GT marque proud ,

(Paul Wright) #8

I’m in!!! I best get to work on it then! Lol


(Tracy Parkin) #9

Excellent Paul, well done, sounds like a great day. :thumbsup:

Tracie :bee:

(David Perkins) #10

Brilliant news mate and great PR for you and the club can’t wait for photos :+1:

(Ian Littlewood) #11

Well done Paul. I too have just had the confirmation of being accepted. I am sure we will put on a good show. I have invited @Marty_K to be my co-driver for the event. Looking forward to meeting up again Paul.

(Tracy Parkin) #12

Wow that’s double great news, well done Ian, you two guys are certainly going to do GTOUK proud.

Fancy that, 2 cars in our Club with the Mitsubishi stamp of approval, class.

Tracie :bee:


Great news guys , chuffed for you both , two great examples :sunglasses:

(David Perkins) #14

That’s brilliant news as @Tracie says the one and only GTOUK do us proud as I know you will :+1::heart:

(Steve Parkin) #15

Go do us proud guys, some fantastic examples from you both.


(Jensen Richardson) #16

Great news guys.
Hope you all have a great time.
Loads of photos please :slight_smile:

(Paul Wright) #17

Well done to you to too Ian. Ye I’m sure we’ll have a good chin wag. 2 cars from opposite ends of the 3000gt spectrum. 1 beautiful stock example and 1 “this is what you can do with a bored owner and no sense” example.

I’ve got the missus as my Co driver.

Now I need a oddesey battery, my old thing wont last a few days. It is knocking on 9 yrs old now.


(Jerry Gauci) #18

Good luck guys and do us proud
Jerry :grinning:

(Marty_K) #19

Really looking forward to this.
Should be a great day.
Many thanks for inviting me Ian.
Now, what to wear?
No sponsors, so club tops are out.
They are doing special merchandise, so may have to treat myself?

(Marty_K) #20

Excellent Paul.
You have to be in with a shout of having one of the fastest cars up the hill!