13g turbo's

Hi Rob, do you have a decent set of 13g turbo’s you need to shift. Can you pm a price.

I will have a look at what i have and PM you…

I have about 500 9b’s if you want them cheap !!!..lol

I must take a picture of the 9b mountain here !!!

Cheers Rob

It is laughable,

It’s like where all the 9bs go to die…!



I think you should make a twin 9b powered Jet-bike.

There must be loads of small turbo cars out there where a 9b turbo would be an ideal and turbo to reach 300bhp!


How much for a pair of half decent 9b turbo’s?

Just curious!

That’s a good question…how much for a good pair of 9B’s? I know you’ve want me to go 13T’s, but I’m working with an ATX NA…I can’t handle it. :stuck_out_tongue: Though it is tempting. :D…9b’s??

The problem is we recycle all the rear exhaust housings we get to make 13T’s, so we have millions of good 9b’s but not complete ones

I can sort out 9b’s if any one waants a cheap set to replace their worn out or smoking turbos but complete ones are a lot harder !!

But i do currently have a set of excellent 13g to sell at £250.00

Cheers Rob


But i do currently have a set of excellent 13g to sell at £250.00

Cheers Rob[/quote]


When you say excellent!! are they low mileage or rebuilt etc?? any more details!!

One more question? can those freaking carrier pigeons deal with the weight? i mean i don’t want them dropping the goods before they arrive in Brighton.


Hi Chris we have a special harness for 10 pigeons for these !!!

I will have a look tonight at the 13g’s when i come back to do yet more paperwork !!!

and PM you tomorrow