13T Turbos with new fitting kit For Sale REDUCED

I am replacing my 13T Turbo’s off my car with some New 19T’s and so these are available for sale
Done less that 4000 Miles in the time they have been on my car
And as i buld most of the ones out there you know these will be perfect and not worn out ones

Will come with a fitting kit the same as new ones will come with so you can just fit them easy

£750 delivered

PM me if you fancy this of call me 01702-614469 9am to 6pm mon-fri

Cheers Rob

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Hi Rob

If I fit these on a standard engine will they still give me a power increase ?

Or what else will I need?


All the supporting mods unfortunately including injectors and a Piggy back ECU etc…


Reduced to £650

These turbos have done less than 4000 Miles !!

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Tempted!!! You are the devil!!!

Hi Rob did you sell these ? and the intercooler ? :smile:

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Still for sale

Give me a call if your interested

Cheers Rob

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Hi Rob i will call you Monday thanks mate

It’s a shame these came on a month too early for me Rob @GSXRKID:joy: I suppose they have long gone ?

Thanks Rob Great deal
Was great to meat you and chat face to face eventually :slight_smile:
My goodie list is growing :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I have a pair of standard turbo’s from my GTO if anyone wants them PM me. They have done a lot of miles, don’t know how many to be sure but they are in perfect working order with no movement and no operational noise.

I also have all the manifolds etc - but no electronics.

Hi @Tristan could this be posted on your own for sales post please , once done I will delete your post , makes it easier for people to see what’s for sale


Craig :grinning:

Mine seems to have been closed? can you check that for me?

Just checked , it is closed , @gavin_naish locked it , probably as its over a month old , if you still have stuff to sell might be worth pm ing him to unlock if that is the reason

Craig :grinning: