15 word replies

Just wondering if this can be removed it annoys the hell out of me even more so the 1234567ui crap everyone including myself types to make up numbers,sometimes,infact alot of the time a 15 word reply isnt needed…it might just be me though


Agree dunno why it’s there? Half a dozen smiles is rubbish to hsve to add.


This is something that was added to try and prevent short one word answers and spam.
But I’ll certainly add it to the next committee meeting for review


Understand the logic behind the idea but its an epic fail from what i see,theres still spam and 1 word replies but now theres also1234567 fghjytrfgh rtyuioljf everywhere lol


Yup 5678

My boot scooting baby is driving me crazy
My obsession from a western my dance floor date …

Oh the shame :joy:

Craig :grinning:


not even admitting i know what those lyrics are from

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Well I’m remembering the video :smiling_imp:


Slight correction here - “15 word replies” - are not required, it’s merely “15 character reply” - quite a big difference.

The “minimum 15 character reply” was previously reduced from 20 characters to 15 already.

The reason for a reasonable minimum character reply is many fold…

  • Generally because it puts a barrier in front of many forms of annoying behaviour.
  • Is it an insurmountable barrier? No. But why allow annoying behaviour when you can discourage it?
  • it discourages posts which contain no meaningful content
  • It’s currently based on what we(*) think is
  • safe
  • sane
  • likely to lead to civilised discussion within the forum fostering ‘community and communication’
  • One of the things that a minimum characters brings is preventing empty or one word responses that don’t add value to the discussion.

(*) Note that we includes the producers of the forum software itself and their vast experiences of online communities both extremely large and small. It’s their business to know.

Extremely short replies tend to degrade the quality and amount of conversation leading to a loss of valuable discussion.

If your response to a post is going to be “thanks”, “lol”, “+1” or “cool!”, just “Like it” :heart: . That accomplishes the same thing.

It has been seen in larger communities that reducing the minimum number of characters results in “seeing a lot of nearly no content replies”.

I would not advise reducing the minimum character reply further.

This info is for both the Committee and you the community to help understand where this “minimum characters reply” comes from.


wow school teacher lectures all over again,wish there was a maximum 15 letters now.


There is only 15 letter limit that’s the point :slight_smile: down to the committee to decide now. I’m sure they will update you soon.

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I’m personally with Scott on this one, I don’t see how any of what has been said affects anything on the forum?
If I want to say “yes mate” I can’t
I believe the same applies in messages that’s annoying too.
Can’t imagine all of a sudden we will have a load of 1 word replies, but like Scott says Been told off for trying to make the forum work better for us! Is that not what it’s all about an experimental Base for other future uses to make money?

There is a completely different setting for private messages, this is currently set to to the default of 10 characters.

Those damn annoying spam pms or 1 word pms are buggers eh


To be honest having a like button kills a thread faster than posting short replies so i dont buy into that theory whatsoever.As for your comment about minimum characters preventing one word responses that add no value to a discussion GET REAL,lets face it there are probably 30 odd regular posters here who very often chat amoungst themselves and half of the time ts banter anyway not serious discussion,is banter not allowed?

Does every comment somebody makes need to add value to a discussion or post can you just not be allowed to make a fiendly comment like ‘‘looks great’’ ‘’ or even ‘‘thankyou’’ its called being polite.

You also say ‘‘Extremely short replies tend to degrade the quality and amount of conversation leading to a loss of valuable discussion.’’

hahaha really? you dont get out much do you,ive found saying good morning to the lady next door actually instigates more conversation not less same happens here.Me saying to a member ‘‘great work’’ after they post thete efforts is maningful to them dont you think so how can you say ''it discourages posts which contain no meaningful content.

I could pick your post to pieces all night but i wont,ill end with this


All short but megga meaningful dont you agree


■■■■ @#$#$$=$vgdt

So the committee have decided to lower this to a 10 character count.
This is a trial period to see how things go and will be moderated :slight_smile:


You guys work fast,apprieciate this being done.


Brill news

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As you can see the forum search will not start throwing up…oh dave just said brill so we will put that first, as discussed when searching you ain’t gonna end up with a load of crap when you look for something with that keyword.

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