18 inch MOMO's, Mongoose etc,

Hi all,

After a valiant fight I have to kill Rob of EEs :shock: old silver GTO.
Bought the car, Turbo pipe leaked. Had it fixed.
Then the out put shaft stripped. Had it fixed.
Now lost compression in front cylinder.
Got another GTO.
Yesterday broke that one two. Don’t know how badly yet, ho humm what a hobby for a poor man!

So I am stripping the silver one to pay for the new red (broken) one.

For sale:

1 set of 18" MOMO wheels, with spacers, tyres all have 4 -5 tread on
them. these wheels look the nuts and are as rare for gto’s as rocking horse [email protected]
1 has been kerbed, ‘hoody crossing the road, still didnt get the bugger!’ :twisted:
And one has a slight scuff. I have displayed the pics which show it the worst I can, in reality it does not look that bad. These are worth a mint but with the kerbed one, £400.

1 stainless steel mongoose exhaust with decat pipe. excellant condition, £300.

Now the Mk1 gearbox on this car was smoother than a smooth fella being extra smooth. 8) It is 18 spline and the output shaft and sleeve are brand new, they’ve done a hundred odd miles! Open to offers. At the moment a train pass would be usefull!

Anything else to want from a mainly standard Mk1 GTO TT in silver, let me know.

07502101514 ‘Lucky’ Tim. :roll:



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Sorry to hear about the stream of bad luck - keep pushing though, remember the end result is worth it! I don’t suppose you have a pair of dashboard air vents in good condition?


PS. Might come back to you about the wheels, but I need to get a few ‘niggles’ sorted out before I add more fun stuff!

Oh I am not giving up on Gto’s but the great highs and the terrible lows… That could be a song? The vents are yours mate no problem. I will be home after 5. Give us bell then and I will sort them out for you. :wink:

Wheels now off the car. New pics added.
They are also on Flea bay. :roll:
Cheers Tim.

PM sent


Looking for one of the rear luggage clips (the screw in ones that hold the luggage cover in place) and the windscreen demisting vents - still have them?

Also how much you thinking of for the gearbox?