19 inch axe alloys

Hi guys. Just putting for in water. Gt 3000 I bought came with 19 inch axe symphony alloys and descent tyres ( just passed mot with tyres) I have bought and refurb original 99 wheels from Paul w and will be refurb 19 inch wheels. They are direct fit for gt3000 /gto. Is there much interest for these wheels on this site ? Thanks . !
Pic below is brand new wheel pic from net.
Wheels will be pretty good when done. Tyres are 245x45x19 front. 275x45x19 on rears productlarge_6068_600|500x500


Did you sell them at all

Hi mate did you sell the wheels ?

They have the wrong size tyres on staggered wheels you need the rear lower profile as in 245/40/19 front and 275/35/19 rears as it will cook the vcu due to rotation difference.
Just a thought as this been mentioned a lot of times on other forums.
Jerry :grinning: