19"or 20" Wheels Nightmare

Hi guys, been a long time since i’ve written on here as my GTO’s been off the road for 7 yes 7 months with a busted gearbox anyway i’m picking it up today so all’s ok.

The point of this post though is to find out how to fit 19" or especially 20" wheels to my GTO, is it difficult and what wheels are available (can I fit any wheels)?

who done your gearbox…

not westfield’s by chance…lol

if so nice car…


hey mr dj, put a record on… i wanna dance with my lady… lolol

sorry couldn’t reisst

I have 20’’ wheels… what do you want to know…?

And i have to say… i wouldn’t recommend it. 19’s is the absolute max i can recommend…


Well really what I need to know is what can I get that will fit, what PCD is what offsets do I need to know as companies I have spoke to say that using spacers on our cars is dangerous and that there’s only about 6 wheels we can choose from???

You’ve probably already seen these posts, but they’re helping me greatly in my wheel choice.


Wheel Radii etc:

This is such a useful post I am going to move it to frequently asked questions.

Cheers guys,