19... wanting a GTO... HELP!

I am 19 years of age and i was speaking to James and he tells me there is another 19 year old dude out there with a GTO.

I know the usual calling around etc helps, but does anyone recommend where exactly i should go?

I hope someone cal help. My old man wont insurance me til i am 21, he says he has seen the way i drive :roll:


help welcome. Pm/email is cool 2! cheers guys… o and how much is membership?!

The way i see it as your 19 you will be limited to 2 choices traders policy or limited milage policy. if you get a traders you will have to buy a few £200sheds to keep it legit if you go for limited mileage you will have to be sensible and stay within a set target amount but its still gonnna be £1500+ unless you get an N/A and in my opinion i wouldnt sorry to the N/A guys but Twins are so much fun



I was planning on buying some clios and corsas at the local auction as they are going dirt cheap and loads of people at the local college want them. I get them for about 500 sell them for 1500 after doing them up (old man has a garage so can do most work there)

How does this traders policy work?

please explain. I have asked my old man bout it but he just laughs at me, old git! just coz hes a got a C43 AMG! GIT

Please help!


HOw does this policy work?

please give us a hand as i want this GTO badly!

Cheers 4 the helps guys


Well i knew a guy who wrote off two cars and couldnt get insured. So he went on a traders policy as his dad owns a car dealership. However I seem to remember his saying if he crashed then it would mess up his dads traders policy and cause major problems…

On a different note, wouldnt it be chaper to insure a UK GT3000 TT? And a better car (performancewise)

My 3000gt is cheaper to insure that my GTO was , and more companies insure them

I used elephant as a test figure as it on the web cheap and you can keep changing the quote


thanx for all your help on this.

I am going to give anal flux (adrian flux) and bell and see what they have to say. I hope i get one of the useful guys, they are so different one agent is amazing and really helpful the next is useless.

Any advise on this trading policy would be helpful. Feel free to email or to PM.

i insured my modified gto when i was 20 with tescos.it was about £1800.hardly anywhere else would touch me and the ones that would wanted rediculouse amounts.endsleigh wanted £7400 and one company wanted…wait for it…£14000.HOW MUCH!!! :shock:


yeah they wanted 8000 for my civic! And police wonder why people drive round without tax and insurance! I NEVER haev and NEVER will, however sometimes u gotta understand SOME of these peoples reasoning!

its ok for a n 89 year old man with the response time of boiling an egg, in a 21412412 bhp monster, but when an able bodies youngster wants a car thatts over 150bhp its like waoooooo

How much do u think it would have been unmodified?

… there’s NO excuse for driving without tax and insurance. If you can not afford to driev. Don’t. 8)

You should really jump on a search engine like www.google.co.uk type in a search criteria of motor insurance uk select a company and sit there and fiddle with all the details. Much quicker. Don’t need to speak to someone, don’t need to try and explain what the car is. All done with drop down menu’s.

hey man!

yeah i agree there is NO excuse for driving without tax and insurance…

but understand this…

imagine u have ZERO moeny and a family to support, just lost your job because the company went bust and your child falls over and cuts his head open, u have a car on your drive (private property and declared) but u cannot afford the 1214512512 insurance for it… would u or would u not drive it, if the ambulance was to be 1 hr?!

answer it no and your a liar!

but i agree, no tax and ins is bad bad bad bad… i have driven without my lights once, it was 1pm and then i felt bad (no lights as the bulbs went at teh same time!)

by the way they were my FRONT lights not brakes