1990 Gto 3.0 TT mk1 import for sale, spares or repairs

Sadly I have to let my GTO go due to other commitments. Initially I was hoping to fix her but the clutch has pushed me over budget so now looking for offers.

She starts, has a rust free under body so some good plus points. It had a huge aftermarket exhaust fitted and steering wheel also. only 67000km on the clock. So far whats been done;

New master and slave clutch cylinder
Refurbished fuel tank and new fuel line
Just had an oil change and new k&n filter
Replaced passenger wing, front bumper (needs mesh) and took the aftermarket spoiler off to replace with active aero (needs wiring)

Work needs doing:
Clutch replacement
Drivers side CV boot
Rocker cover gasket replacement
Replaced panels, along with some other panels, need repainting

The car is blue, which is also on the logbook, but the engine bay is red

Pics to follow. Make me some friendly offers please she owes me 2k! :woozy_face:

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Some pics added

Even with work needed tt is worth good money. Go for 3k

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£3000 it is then!

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Go 3.5 and let th knock you down a bit when they haggle