1991 GTO import rebuild / carbon

Hi has anyone got any idea on how to find carbon fibre body parts (doors, body kits, bonnet, boot) at a reasonable price. All I seem to find is in the region of £3000 I am trying to rebuild the car from just the frame but I am not a millionaire

Andre did a full carbon build but it was v expensive, and took way way longer than expected. There is 1 company in America offering carbon bonnets and wings, maybe doors. But otherwise it’s custom builds.
I know @benh at Eurospec know if someone who can do it but I’m not sure you will get a full carbon kit much under 3000 if people have to make the mold’s first too

I very much doubt you will do better than £3000.
Pitroad m do carbon doors.
I think they are about £600 ea
Also, a us company called retrospec do carbon bits

Hi here’s an example from eurospec - any guessing of where I am now! Lol


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£3k sounds pretty cheap to me!!

That is Andre’s car. He didn’t get the carbon fibre done by the Eurospec guys but the do do all his other stuff and get it race ready.
Believe it’s currently over 1100BHP

Don’t know about carbon but I really like the Mad Max type of look you have pulled off there , I’d happily drive it that way if it was legal :sunglasses:

Craig :grinning: