1991 GTO NA in Silver

First off sorry so many pic’s but wanted to show as much as possible…If you want to see pic’s of any particular thing then please ask. Oh please ignore the Blue Air filter as I will be refitting the proper one later today.
Also I have not cleaned this car at all apart from a quick hose down of the bodywork…

Here’s a run down on the car.
Imported approx. 11 years ago with an auto box fault, had recon box fitted plus full service inc Cam belt & ALL Brakes reconditioned, then sat till OCT 2014 covered over in a workshop.
Registered car OCT 2014 went through MOT with NO ADVISORIES.
Auto box lost drive after 300KM so Had another Box & Convertor fitted ( Box came from Graham & works perfectly ).
Only faults I know of Mechanically (well Electrically lol) with the car are Drivers electric mirror does not work ( not checked why yet ) & the Central locking on drivers door sticks & clicks constantly until you lock the doors, I have another Central Locking unit ( also from Graham ) to go with the car.
This car is probably the best condition 24 year old car I have ever seen that has not been restored, underneath is like a 2 year old car, no rust & still has the yellow paint on all of the bolts/nuts from the factory.
Engine has done approx. 94000 KM & speedo etc is still reading in KMH but I do have a brand new convertor/delimiter to go with the car.
Changes how it should, Kicks Down how it should.
Engine is perfect with no knocks or rattles & DOES NOT have the normal tappety noise that most of them seem to have.
Interior is good but drivers seat does have a small hole on base of seat where they all seem to go… All other seats are good as are door panels & centre arm rest, head lining is perfect as are Visors. Standard Jap Radio/Tape player, but no surround fitted in dash.
Dash is perfect with ALL gauges etc working & doing what they should, left dash top vent is cracked just noticed this…
Wheels are like new & it still has near new Yokohama Snow/Ice Tyres fitted all round.
Exhaust is perfect & looks as good as it gets for a standard exhaust system.
Steering & Four Wheel Steer is perfect
There is NO RUST on the bodywork or doors, no rust in the Boot or Engine bay, all wheels arches are rust free, Bonnet & Boot rust free, it does have a couple of small scratches from storage but that’s about it, it also has a patch on the rear bumper & again on the front bumper where the paint has been rubbed off from being in storage, I may get these flatted out & painted in if I get a chance.
It still has all of the Japanese stickers on the windows, under bonnet & in the engine bay from before it was imported.
This car would make the Perfect Concourse restoration project for someone or just buy it & enjoy it as it is.
If you want any more details/ pictures ( give me chance to post a load first lol ) or want to come & view the car, then Please get in touch…I would much rather it goes to someone in the owners club than some boy racer who is gonna butcher it, but if you buy it then feel free to do as you please…
I am looking at £2000 for the car, so if interested let me know.I am in Amesbury Wiltshire, right next to Stonehenge…

That is perfect. I own an NA manual, and althought I’d like to think it’s faultless, there is room for improvement. Your car is exactly the model to preserve for Mitsubishi “posterity”. I don’t have the storage at the moment, otherwise I’d be making my way down to Amesbury right now. Good luck with the sale. Yes, it would be an absolute tragedy to see a car like that broken. Class.


More pic’s…

Yet more pic’s lol…

Well stuck it on ebay for a week & as usual total waste of time, loads of watchers but nothing sheesh.
Re-listed it for 10 days with an opening bid of £1600 or buy it now of £1850 which is way too cheap for a car of this condition but only looking at getting my money back on what I paid for the car & had done to it to get it on the road.
If it don’t sell this time I will probably keep it & end up selling the TT I just got soon as its all finished as cant see the point of having both…

This car deserves a very small bit of restoration and then placing in a museum!!

Production Date 3/8/1991

Looks like it might possibly be sold to a Women from Northern Scotland who I will be passing on owners club details to if she has it…
If she don’t then its £1850 non negotiable for anyone who wants it.

Car is on its way to Scotland on Saturday & buyer will possibly be joining the club as given her all of the details.
Looks like its going to someone who will look after it & appreciate how clean & original it is…