1991 Mitsubishi GTO IMPORT - standard

I’m thinking it’s time to think about spending some more time with the boys and get myself a campervan. I’ve had such a lovely time restoring Cora and getting her back on the road and turning heads wherever she goes, I can always buy another gto, but I can’t get that time back or weekend away with the boys and something has to give!

Listed on the well known auction auction site to gauge some interest and in no rush to sell

This car was purchased in 2019 from an elderly gent that had not used it in a number of years. The car was brought home and given the love and care that it deserved, I now have two young boys who would rather spend the weekend away in a campervan with their daddy so something has to pay for it!

The has 0 modifications on it, other than a few hoses under the bonnet that have been changed due to hoses that have perished:

The GTO Is always stored under a cover unless she’s out on the road making people go ooh!

Work carried out:

Cam belt/water pump and full service (inc all gaskets) Carried out less than 1k mikes ago

New clutch, clutch bearing, slave cylinder less than 1k miles ago

Front brake overhauled

New track rod ends, ball joints and drop links replaced

ECU Rebuilt

Front number resprayed

New starter motor and relay fitted

Recently replaced alarm and keyless entry system

ECS works

Exhaust tone note button works

Electric Ariel

Original 17inch alloy

There’s a few scratches bumps and scrapes here and there, but it’s 30 years old and she looks great

Christ sake! All the pics I added have gone :confused:


Nice mate but you forgot the price off the advert.

Good luck with the sale and enjoying the camper.

Oops! She sold within 8 hours of putting on eBay! Full asking price. It makes sense. I’ll miss the sun and the smile, but kiss come first for now :slight_smile:


You can kiss Dave if you want but I think you mean the kids come first :joy: , pleased for you Robbie that it paves the way for something you can spend time with the family


:rofl::rofl: Craig don’t draw me in not when I’m drinking.

Well done 8k is a good result :+1:

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Not drinking :joy:your out with your lad , ive been told I’m not allowed to take ciaran out drinking :thinking:

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That’s not because he’s under age it more to do with A&E :rofl:


Oh god! lol damn auto correct.too many messages to the wife :rofl::man_facepalming::relaxed:


So that makes you under 30 then if your still sending kisses :rofl:

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