1991 Mitsubishi GTO which radio?

Can any of you fine people help me in the persuit of the correct radio for the year of my car? There’s so many variants. 1991 Mitsubishi GTO Z16A Twin Turbo MK1. If someone could send a image of the definate correct one I can begin the hunt!

Regards Will

This is the same as the one I have which needs sorting, any good to you?

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What’s wrong with it mate.

Sound up and down I think but it was a good while ago that I tried it, would need a good going over, just if you wanted stock style, to give you a chance.

How much do you want for it mate

Its 20 quid plus carriage, and will pass it on to the girl who owns it, I said I would try and get something for it. But please understand it will need fixing and that will cost more I reckon. Just will give you a chance for oe style.
Cheers mate

Hi will,

Welcome to the club :+1:

Just a comment- the newbie section is really for introducing yourself and your car. We do have classifieds and wanted sections within the forum that are accessible to full members.

That being said let’s see some pictures of your car :+1:


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I will take it please Jerry if Torx doesn’t.

I’ll have it mate. What app me on 07904883199 cheers will

W A,d you :+1::+1:

I thought those sets needed a frequency shifter for UK fm,?