1991 twin turbo full mk4 99 conversion SOLD

well it is for sale this time if i dont get 7.5k for it i keep her and sell my 300zx :grinning: this is a fantastic car, its just had a full engine rebuild too,

cheers pete



Full mk4 "99 conversion resprayed in pearl orange
genuine โ€œ99"rear spoiler โ€œvery very rareโ€ and expensive
seibon carbon fibre DV11 Bonnet with locking Aero catches
mitsubishi โ€œ99โ€ rear garnish
โ€œ99โ€ spec rear lights
Etched alloy gto sill plates
all outer seals,strips,renewed
genuine โ€œ99โ€ front fog/spotlights
19โ€ lenso muse alloys powdercoated in a 2 pack gunmetal grey immaculate condition
avon roadrunner zz-3 tyres 245/35/19 all round, 6mm even tread on all

suspension etc

full ATR stainless steel exhaust inc ATR downpipes sounds awesome
bilstein shocks
avo lowering springs
tein pillowball top mounts
mk2 calipers/discs
goodridge stainless steel brake hoses/copper brake pipes


mk2 jdm full leather interior excellent condition
3 gauge pillar pod with
AEM boost gauge
AEM wideband gauge with uego 02 sensor
AEM fuel pressure gauge
all clocks in white faces inc centre clocks
genuine ralliart carbon fibre bezel very rare
ralliart titanium gear knob
double din dvd player /radio/usb etc

Engine etc

fully rebuilt mk2 4 bolt main engine
full 6 speed gearbox conversion
RPS CYN-R-G segmented lightened flywheel
13T turbos from evil empire performance
RC 550cc injectors
maft pro translator piggy back ecu
maft pro 3 bar map sensor
maft pro boost solinoid
MSD ignition coils
3RD gen lash adujsters
pace sidemount intercoolers
alloy radiator
Amber performance oil cooler kit
sx performance fuel pressure regulator
ek2 fuel rail adapter
walbro fuel pump and hotwire kit
braided stainless steel fuel lines
goodridge fuel hose connectors
dn performance y pipe
3sx performance krank vent kit
nomad dump valve
grounding kit
twin k&n air filters
polished plenum
polished front cam cover
polished spark plug cover
polished rear intercooler pipe
polished injector harness cover
polished fuse box cover
samco hose kit
optima red top battery
optima custom machined polished battery cage/cover


Always been an impressive car ever since it was built , Good luck with the sale Pete and hold out for your price

Craig :sunglasses:


Worth the asking price all day long. Good luck buddy!

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Where did you get instruments in that colour? Nice engine btw.

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thats awesome! sell the 300zx instead lol

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Believe you can buy them through
Evil empire
Amber performance
3si warehouse

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yer cheers will sell the 300zx if this dont sell


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Just a heads up for anyone looking at he gauges like them

The Gauges in that car were special ones that Andy Luka and myself did millions of years ago.
WE HAD these made for the Right Hand Drive GTO and 3000GT there was like 70 kits that we did a group buy for on this forum as it happens

These gauges had their own lighting pack with dimmer and are not like the Lockwood ones that reply in the original bulbs trying to shine through and that is why they are so much brighter and clearer

If you look it has the correct small gauge faces for the Clock, temp pressure and Boost

Its something i am looking at doing again with the manufactures and will be posting something soon about it and they will be for the RHD cars not the LHD stuff thatโ€™s sold in the USA

I will make a interest post as soon as i have a price

Cheers Rob

Dont sell it Pete !! its too nice to let go !!

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I agree with Rob, dont sell it :smile:


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If it was cheaper and available next year I would snap your arm off , but thatโ€™s just being cheeky :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Craig :slight_smile:

how much cheaper craig :smile:


Me too need to sell mine first and seriously considering it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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So much so it would be insulting both to yourself ad a long standing GTO owner and a car of the calibre of yours , not in the position at the moment anyway mate, but I hope whoever buys it appreciates both the history of the car and both if its owners

Craig :slight_smile:

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you interested in it dave you have a nice car there yourself :sunglasses:

cheers craig :smile:


Yes but always want more lol

well im getting offers in the 5k region no chance :laughing: the 300zx is going up next its a fantastic car running around 450HP well the last owner claimed and it pulls like it does :sunglasses:


But its not 4wheel drive Pete, so will just go sideways !!

Sell the 300ZX and then let us have the GTO for a proper sort out and tune !! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

yer i know rob it can be hairy as it has the hicas delete on, if the gto dont sell then yes will have a chat about the maft pro tune cheers

Well sheโ€™s gone but i aint :smile: will still be lurking around in the background :grin: :grin: