1992 gto, help appreciated

HHi all I’m new here, I hope I’m posting this in the right subject area, I’m an owner of a 1992 gto it’s the NA DOHC 4 speed automatic jdm model, it was left to me around 8 years ago and ever since I’ve wanted to put it on the road but being 12 at the time I’ve had a long time to wait. Turning 20 this year I planned to put it on the road around summer time and due to unforeseen circumstances I needed to move the car to a different holding place asap. So I started 4 days ago to try run it put a new battery it with no luck, although it will crank over as if it’s just about to start it just won’t come to life. I’ve checked all the usuall suspects, i have spark,air and oil which all seem fine, also all the fuses and relays are fine other than the relay for the radiator fan which I’m unsure but think is dead. leaving me to suspect the engine isn’t getting any fuel. I can’t hear the pump prime but I was led to believe the pump doesn’t prime untill the engine is trying to start. I thaught maybe removing the pump and manually testing it on a battery could answer my question but bolts are pretty much corroded on there and I’m struggling to disconnect them. I’ve also read that the MFI or feul relay could cause an issue with it but im in the dark as to where that’s Located on the jdm gem 1. Kind of ran into a dead end here as I’m struggling to find information on removing ecu or locating feul relay to check those. Any suggestions or information would go along way and be really appreciated. Thanks.

Yeah sounds like its not getting any fuel, if its been sat long try fresh fuel for a start, if still no joy try hotwiring the fuel pump to check it primes, pump should work when ign first comes on as it builds base pressure ready for starting, the mfi relay is located passenger side of dashboard by centre console, you need to remove the side carpet trim to get to it,

The ecu is located directly behind the centre console at the very botton where it meets the firewall

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You could also try changing the fuel filter, its a pain in the ass job cause you have to remove the battery and tray and the water bottle, you can also check the fuel pressure solenoid on the firewall between the vin number on right and the wiper motor on the left, if all else fails pull the pump which is in the boot

Hey thanks for the reply man! Yeah I put fresh feul in before starting the process, oils seem fine too. It has been sat awhile around 9 years approximately was kept in mint condition prior to being left to me and being sat for all these years, it only has 59k miles on the clock. How would I go about hot wiring the feul pump and would I need to remove it to do so? Also is removing the ecu a difficult job? I can see most of the bolts holding it in but I can’t work out how to actually take it out from the dash. Thanks again for the reply

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Remove the bolts push back and bring though driver side footwell sounds like ecu to me, the ecu dr will test if for a small cost, repair is about £230 to recondition it. Cheers Dave

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Ecu is a piece of cake to remove , remove the carpet trim undo the bolts and slide it out .

First of all your on the right track checking the basics , fuel spark etc , the Ecu you want to remove is the one standing upright , the one lying down is for the autobox


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this is the diagram for the fuelpump hotwire, you dont need to remove it , but as also said abouve the ecu has a habit of leaking caps, if it is the ecu, make a note of the md number on the casing and post it up, a used replacement will set you back about £125 ish

Thanks for the response everyone, appreciate it. I’m not sure which is more or less likely to be causing my problem, I guess ill check fuel relay then ecu as the pump is proving a real pain in the ass to remove as the big bolt connecting the feul line is pretty stuck on there.

Yeah be careful with that as it will fracture and split your better off cutting it and removing the whole pump unit then rejoining it with push fittings

Deffo don’t hang on that fitting you can see on the fuel pump , you will knacker it , needs breaking further back , if you want to check fuel , undo it from the fuel rail to see if your getting delivery there , obviously put it into a container otherwise it will spray everywhere

Craig :grinning:

Yeah my next plan if needing to removing feul pump was to just cut it and replace it regardless, but that was my last plan of action if ecu and relay was fine

Also thaught maybe running diagnostics since I found what I think is a ODB port, but couldn’t find a ODB 1 reader :thinking:

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@DavePerky is your man here :sunglasses: For logging anyway

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Cheers Craig, i will be hiring out units soon to full members or you can buy one for around £85 to £100 just waiting on del of palms and making more leads.

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Ooooh dave you do mapping ? Can you map my aem ?

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Lol no I ain’t that clever a year 2000 palm and mmcd won’t do that sorry, its just so people can find fault more than anything.
Cheers Dave

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@Paulw did a lot of self tuning on his AEM. Might be worth asking him for some tips :sunglasses:


I will keep that in mind dave, hopefully I can find the problem by just removing and checking the most likely culprits. Going to have a real go at it tomorrow now I have some direction.

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Martin Battye at mb automotive he can map your car (he did mine)

Feed the pump direct from battery to try.
Jerry :grinning: