1992 Mk 1 regrettably for Sale


Hi all, I started to this advert to put up after Christmas but then thought …do it now! No photos at the moment, will get them done ASAP but I’m sure everyone knows what they look like!

It is with much regret I’m having to put my car up for sale. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and although waiting for a Hip replacement I’m just finding it to painful to get in and out of the GTO, bugger!

This is the the third one I have owned, a White one, a Red one and this Black one and is by far the best! I’ve had her for around 18 Months and in that time she has had a complete Cam Belt kit including a Gates Belt, not a cheap EBay one! Fluids including Brake Fluid changed. Eibach lowering springs fitted leaving the Electronic Suspension all working correctly but now the wheels fit the arches! Front and rear Spoilers also both working correctly, in fact everything is working correctly! Leather interior in very good condition, underneath is Rust Free, undersealed when first arrived on these shores, invoice to prove. BBS wheels with very good tyres and I have the originals also. Air Con is cold and the display screen works, most unusual! Glass Sun Roof with sun shade makes the interior very light and a nice place to be. I have had fitted a complete Stainless Exhaust, still 4 tail pipes at the rear so looks original but sounds a lot better but not to loud. Has a Momo Steering Wheel, again I have the original. She really is in exceptional condition and drives the same…perfect!
I have also fitted Hella Headlights with updated Bulbs so you can actually see where you,are going,

There is a very sad story about this car which I won’t go into here but basically it has driven very, very little miles since being imported.

The only “problem” with her is that it looks like someone has tried to Polish the Bonnet and managed to get a piece of grit on the cloth and it has a small area where the Lacquer has some scratches, not easily visible and not through the Metallic Paint. Other than this the Bodywork is in very, very good condition.

I am near High Wycombe and happily Retired so viewing is available at almost anytime.
I will do a more detailed description over the Xmas period but she really is a nice one and if anyone is interested, fire some questions and I’ll answer ASAP!


Sounds a nice car if you get some photos up I’ll forward them to a mate who is looking for one maybe mate :+1:t2:


Hi, will do, thank you!


Sorry to hear this Martin but good luck with the sale !


Same here, sorry to read, car sounds nice and good luck with the sale and health wise.


Thank you for replies, the problem is …old age!


Also sorry to hear this bud, none of us are getting any younger !


Ain’t that the truth!
If she doesn’t sell for a, what I call a reasonable figure I’ll keep her and hope the Hip replacement is a success!


Know only too well how you feel…

Disabled Dave :rofl:


Hiya Martin,
Can’t believe it………that’s a tough call mate, and I am really sorry to hear that. I recall your telling me about this beautiful black beauty, and the story prior to your acquisition.
I don’t have the funds right now, but I do know that this car sounds totally unique and virtually flawless. It will be a fantastic asset to anyone looking for what I would otherwise call a “barn find”.
Good luck with the sale, though sorry you have to part with it.
I would have gladly treated myself, but I have to focus on my silver machine first.
Speak soon mate. All the best in the meantime.


Hi Marlow sorry to hear you have to sell, some pictures would defiantly help the sale if you still have it…


Hi, I hope to get some photos of her next week, I am a tease!!!


Finally managed to give her a quick wash and some pics. Wondering what you folks out there think is a realistic asking price for this beauty? Any “positive” comments most welcome!


Looks decent and low mileage Martin, with the current demand I’ll say around 5-6k !


Difficult isn’t it! I think I’ll try around 6500, I can always go down, can’t go up!f


Hard to put a price on our cars.
Ebay has a couple at 5-6k.
A fair few are around 8k.
The main GTO seller we all know has one at 15k
And a couple he has listed at 11k are marked sold.
How good any of these cars are against yours, ie condition,issues,true mileage,history etc is anyone’s guess.
What an advertiser says and actually is can be totally different. And pictures can hide quite a lot.
Sorry to hear you are having to sell, and as Mike said about the journey of this car I hope it goes to someone that looks after it.
Good luck with the sale mate and hope you get a good price for it.


Well I now have her on here, EBay, Gumtree and Autotrader, certainly giving her a chance of finding a buyer! Looks like I have someone coming down 200 miles on Wednesday, what could possible go wrong!


Good luck mate hope you get what your after as it’s a lovely car.


The car went to a good home @marlowboy we’ll get all GTO’S up to Sunny Scotland :smile: