1992 Mk1 TT For Sale


Does @spiros know and is it up on the map :flushed:

Terry :sunglasses:


Terry, I take it that is meant for Lee , about Silver Fern location. - Peter.

  • and thanks, Lee.


No not yet…shall i pm him? Also i had one recommended but i dont use them any more as the guy who was good with these cars has left and they not worth bothering with now to be honest. Cheers


Garage added Lee !


Good stuff! Also if you could delete the wheatchef garage too…i wouldn’t recommend them for a GTO any more. Normal cars yes but not cars like ours. Cheers


Just coming on to confirm that my GTO is now sold. Thanks to all that have joined in here and been so helpful and as I’ve said, wish I’d found all you guys years back. I know I’ve missed something.


Well done Peter. Hope whatever you replace it with brings you driving pleasure.


Nice Having You in here Peter !