1992 Mk1 TT For Sale


Peter here and continuing on from the Newbie section a decision now made that after 15 years my 92 Mk1 Twin Turbo, is up for sale.

I was first UK owner after its import in 2003 and it has been a joy to own with a few track days at Anglesey and Oulton thrown in along the way. Nothing too hairy though as I was not far off my pension when I bought it! Performance is somewhat up from my first car, a frogeye Sprite, bought in 1960. (I should have kept that!)

The car has passed its many MOT’s with just the usual discs, pads, rubber gaiters. tyres and an exhaust weld until recently when in anticipation of un-Sorning for the summer it was found requiring new seals on the rear steering rack and propshaft mount bearings. Both a fail now for new MoT regs but I believe would have passed last year. The rear steering gaiters have got fluid in but are not leaking. It is possible I believe, to do away with the rear steering with fixed links. The exhaust also needs a re-weld, and oh yes, three new tyres are required. The car is fully mobile and I drove it back from the test.

The odometer reading is 166k and these are kilometers not miles (103k). Proved by testing over a distance set by my daily driver. I have added 81k (50k miles) in my 15 years. Highish but engine pulls as strongly as it first did and gives no concern. There is ticking from a tappet when cold but quietens right down when warmed up. No coughing or wheezing or undue engine noises or oily puffs from the exhaust and turbos run also without any undue noise. There is a turbo timer fitted. I had a new cambelt/followers fitted when I first got her and same again 15k back. Downshift syncro into second not the best but gear goes in fine. Was like that when I bought it and has never troubled me.

The car has been garaged (photo) for its 15 years with me and on the floor beneath there has never been oil or fluid drips, ever.

The car has been Sorned each winter Oct through to April and never been out on salty roads. Bodywise and most importantly, underneath, there is no corrosion. Topside, the blacked painted areas, front and rear, could do with a redo and rear o/s quarter a recoat and one of the front foglights is discoloured inside. There is one very small ding but there isn’t any and never has been any panel damage.

The cloth interior is extremely clean and tidy although top of rear seats squab has some sun fade.

Electric seat movement, lumbar, hip hugger, all work fine as do windows, washers, wipers and mirrors although last part of aerial does not now fully retract. All the lighting, inside and out, headlamp tilt etc, all as should be.

Heater and panel indications all work perfectly and air con blows very cold.

The active aero works perfectly, front and rear, as do gas struts for bonnet and tailgate.

The suspension control is now stuck on Sport, a recent occurance and believe this could be wiring issue at top of struts (washer tubing might have caused a problem here} and cruise control has never worked but it might be that I can’t figure how to set it!

A new clutch and bearing was fitted at 137k and more recently the ECU was reconditioned, capacitors etc, by the ECU Doctor in Plymouth. There has been a recent new battery.

In my younger days I would have had a go at fettling the car up to scratch but now, being two years off eighty, what with creaky knees and all, I can hardly get into it let alone underneath! Climbing up into an SUV would now suit me better!

The car is completely standard as it left the factory, and unmolested, with no engine or other mods and rides on original wheels - which could do with a tidy. A Toad brand Thatcham approved alarm/immobiliser is fitted and has spare blipper.For someone, maybe a member with the knowledge, this could be a great car and good for many more enjoyable miles. This is an honest appraisal and the car will be found as described.

The original radio is available should purchaser not require the upgrade speakers and Alpine stereo with 6 CD autochanger to remain installed at £100 extra to the price of £2000.

Knowing it needs some work, but taking into account breaker values and other prices seen I feel this is a fair valuation for a car with a proven 15 year UK history that hasn’t been flipped around in Ebay. - If you would like to make email contact it’s [email protected] - Peter (full member) at Chester.


Very Nice Peter :+1: Too cheap in my opinion , You can add it here also ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/GTOUK/


Very nice car Peter! Way too cheap for a TT, you’d have people biting your hands off at 5k


Lovely looking car and agree with the others , I was thinking it’s far to cheap for what seems a genuinely honest car , good luck with the sale though with your price you have in mind I don’t think you will have any issues at all


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks in alot better condition than mine, i would really love to take this off your hands and break mine to pay for this, but too afraid this will sell before i raise enough money, good luck with the sale and if i can save enough before you sell, i will be in contact


Thanks for the comments, guys, and once fettled up I know it’ll make someone very happy. A higher offer would be accepted!! - We like the same colour, Jason.
15 years ago a customer rolled up outside my place in his new silver one, let me have a drive and that was it, smitten. Who could not love these cars?
At my age, other factors now in play, a downsizing commitment lies ahead and wife keeps nagging to garage her Mini!


Hi Peter, best of luck with sale but I would deffo reconsider your price, unless I’m reading this wrong you’re practically giving the car away.
If someone here is thinking of purchasing this a more fair price could be given and still get a bargain. I would expect to pay more for a non turbo (and I have :cry::joy:)


Wow that is a nice car and a bargain. Thinking of buying it for the engine and putting it in my lightweight GTO.


Hi Peter, that is far too cheap for that car. Anyone who buys this is guaranteed a bargain of a lifetime. I honestly think you should reconsider the price, just my opinion mind you, but someone will rip your hand off for this, would you take 1800 cash? :flushed::grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Terry, is that 1800 cash and 2000 by bank transfer??:grin::grin:



See I told you to charge more :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Guys. As per on Chester Newbie, Roger at Derby has first dibs on my GTO and set to do the deal over the weekend (he can’t post on here yet).


Well, first dibs was a no show, so my car is back up for sale!

Thanks to all those that said I should ask more for it but happy for the £2100 asked in view of rear steering rack (change required?) - (or blocked out?) and propshaft bearings issues.
But - Could anyone guide me to where I could get these sorted and then ask more for the car, say £4/5000. Your opinions appreciated. - Peter.

And apologies. This weekend’s first time in 15 year check of reg cert shows car is a 92! - First posting changed.


The carrier bearings And lock out/ delete kit would be the cheaper way to go and can be purchased from rob at EE @GSXRKID as for local places I’m not sure



Just checked missed email from Roger at Derby whose mum has been rushed into hospital. He tried to tell me this AM so sorry Roger, for missing that. No disparagement intended. More clarity on his first dibs tomorrow but might not go ahead.


Thanks James.

and Robbie? below.


It’s a 4-5k car with the mot fails in my opinion 6k+ repaired. As a standard t/t that’s not been modded in any way is a rarity these days and with only 1 Uk owner and 15 years worth of mot’s and receipts it’s even better.


Hi Peter. I recently changed my 2 prop bearings and mounts. Got them from rob at evil empire. Got them fitted at a garage by my work in deeside. All in all cost me about £300 parts and £180 to fit (i also got them to change all my transmission oils too though). If you need their number i can give it to you. Cheers


Wow, isn’t this club great, wish I’d known about GTOUK years ago. Thanks Lee, fire away with their number! - Peter.


Hi Peter, no problem at all! they are called Silver Fern performance. they specialise in Mazda Rotary Engines but always have supras and skylines there too. All the work they have done on my GTO has been spot on. their number is 01244288216. They are based on the Deeside industrial estate - CH5. cheers