1993 GTO Ecu for sale

(James Kelly) #1

Hi guys,

Just bought myself a 1993 GTO twin turbo 5 speed maunal model last week… Its a non runner at the moment but i have it traced to an ecu problem hopefully!

Anyone to help or have a Ecu with matching numbers for sale or point me in best direction as i know they are rare and troublesome!


Thanks . James


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

pop some pictures up and tell us a little about your project


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:

(Terry Wilkes) #3

Hi James,

Welcome to 'UK and as Craig says, a bit of info on you and pics of the car go a long way here!!!

Also for 20 squidlies you could join and access the vast technical section, well worth it IMHO.

Also you could try the ECU Doctor, I think he’s in Plymouth or Portsmouth, anyway he’s by the sea :grin: Someone will have his address.

Terry :sunglasses:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #4

Welcome to GTOUK James :+1:

(Jerry Gauci) #5

Welcome to the club
Jerry :grinning:

(A Stevenson) #6

Hi dude, welcome.

Why don’t you give ecu doctor a call

Here a link


They are normally very good with this sort of thing and if it’s repairable they will let you know what’s what.

Hope that helps.


(James Kelly) #7

Cheers for the help lads!

Guy i bought it from only had the ecu with The doctor and it only covered 50 miles and is gone again.! I might go the route of stand alone ECU but want to try cheap option first as iv not heard engine running!

Plan is to get it running and maybe give her a full respray down the line… keep it till she turns vintage in 5 years! Can’t wait to get a spin in it… the wait is killing me ha…

(Jensen Richardson) #8

If it went to the Dr I believe you will have a warranty.
Would be worth giving them a ring.
Nice looking car.

(Jerry Gauci) #9

May I ask why you think it’s an ecu issue?
Has it leaked?
If you could explain a bit better what the car is doing/acting like?
We might beable to help you better.
Jerry :grinning:

(James Kelly) #10

Hi Jerry.

Car is intermittently sparking and not injecting fuel! Iv checked all the timing, new pump, filters, battery etc!
When i try to pull codes from the ECU it shows nothing and wont put up an engine check light! Tryed another ECU but with different numbers just to see and it puts up engine check light and im able to pull codes from it.! So i reckon its dead going by this.!
I found a piece of the ecu board is damaged and a small chip has broke away.!

(A Stevenson) #11

oh that’s not cool dude, I am not sure if that’s repairable to be honest.

I’d go for one of these two options…

1 give the lads a call at auto world ( 0113 255 1067) see if they have a matching ecu… Should come with a 28 day warranty that’s what they normally give parts (best to ask them though). And then if you get a matching ecu it hopefully can get you going bear in mind in the future you may need to send it for referb giving the age of most units.

2 call the doctor and see what they say.

Hope that’s helps.