1993 UK 3000GT for Sale (Spares or Repairs)

Hey all, I have finally decided to sell my red 3000GT and every single one of my spares in my collection.

Good Bits:

  1. The car has a fully working mk.2 engine, 5 speed Gearbox and a FULL 13T Setup (13T’s with WRX Backs, FMIC, RC550’s, Denso Fuel pump, Fuel pressure regulator… you get the idea).
  2. Full Leather interior, the drivers seat needs looking at though.
  3. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem to have suffered the rusting like some other UK 3000GT’s
  4. It’s MOT’d until September if I recall.
  5. Quad Tipped Stainless exhaust.
  6. Massive chrome lipped alloy wheels
  7. Flashable ECU and the Taktrix cable that goes with it.
  8. Hella headlamp upgrade.

Bad Bits:

  1. Engine Control Harness needs wiring up or a second hand 1993 UK one finding and fitting.
  2. Paintwork is shocking but I was going to experiment with plastidip for the car, seemed like a viable option.
  3. Brake pipes between the rear subframe and the body leak fluid.

Pretty much an entire GTO interior minus a few things with random odds and sods and bits and pieces included.
Four Spare aftermarket alloy wheels with good tread on.
Standard black MK.1 front bumper.
Mk.1 Dash

All I want is £2000, no offers.

You’ll need a trailer for the car and a van for all the spares (Literally, lol).

I’ll post some pictures when I get the chance to take them, probably at the weekend.

I will not be breaking anything off this car I just want rid of the lot in one foul swoop.

It’s been parked up for a year and I just haven’t had the time to turn it into a track car so grab a bargain while you can.

Send me a message if you are interested.

Thanks all,

Beanus (Andy)


Shouldn’t hang around long at that price mate , hope it goes quickly for you

Craig :grinning:


Hi mate you can post some pictures of the car and i am sure there is someone else who might buy it as it’s bargain prices.

Good luck with sale

Well had a bit of sunshine so thought it would be a good time to take some pics.

I think I have covered the worst of it to be fair. It was never going to win beauty prizes but that’s not why I bought it.

It looks a mess right now but it’s all very easy to put back together and look semi presentable.

All the interior panels missing in the pictures are in the boot I had just been fault finding and chasing random wires.

This car isn’t for everyone out there but if you look past the visual aspect and more to the potential of the car then it doesn’t look so bad. lol

so without further ado, here we go:


Not sure if helps the sale in anyway hopefully it does , the 13t turbos on that car used to be mine and were completely rebuilt not long before I sold them to the previous owner and the fmic was mine unused in the box and sold as part of the package , the car didn’t cover a huge amount of miles before being bought by @Beanus , if I had the cash I’d buy it just to have those bits back :grinning:

Craig :grinning:

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Okay all, I have to put a time limit on this as my circumstances have drastically changed. If i cannot sell the car by August 31st then it will be in pieces and will get scrapped.

Sad end to a car that showed a lot of promise but as I said my circumstances have changed drastically.

Hit me up if you want to reserve anything and agree a price but If someone does buy the car then obviously what you reserved will no longer be available.


Andy B

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Hi mate.
If you break the car.
How much will be Intercooler kits with Intercooler aftermarket and dump bow valve.

Also how much back box exhaust rearf or both sides.

I have mine big exhaust system all way back but one side.
Cheers Raja

Sorry guys but this is sold. thanks for all the interest and support. I hope you all find the bits you are after.


Hope you got what you were after for it mate , damn shame you couldn’t see it through , it is one of those cusp cars though that could easily go either way , hopefully we see it back on the road they are getting rare now In gt guise

Must admit I was tempted just to get my bits back lol

Craig :blush:


Bits back … tick tock someone brain is in gto mode again… :joy:


I concur dave, defo a little devil on Craigs shoulder.