1994 gto twin turbo for sale


Hey everybody sad to say after a short time with this club and failing to realise any of my dreams with this car I am selling my 1994 gto import.

Not entirely sure when it was imported its in the paperwork folder but not looked. It’s on 98k but up until I owned it 81k it was running in km . Since I’ve owned it have spent a good bit of money on it. All Mitsubishi. Or Mr evil himself. Quick list off the top of my head. Radiator and hoses. Water pump belt and kit. Thermostat. Front and rear arb bushes and droplinks all track rod ends and one inner track rod with full alignment . Front and rear discs and pads ( drilled and grooved with fast road pads) 3rd gen lifters with all new gaskets . Wheel bearing. Fully under sealed . New propshaft bearings . And new wheels and tyres that cost me 1000 pound all in . All the toys work . 4 wheel drive and steer with all the active aero

The car has cosmetic issues for its age scratches and paintwork . And the lights are foggy .Could do with new seals on the doors as they have scratched the windows. The gear selection is a bit notchy into 2nd and third. I’m gonna try adjusting the linkages and clutch as per what you guys have advised. And slight oil leak from the oil cap. And could do with new discs and pads on the front and the inside face corroded also I think I put. The prop bearing washers the wrong way round as I didn’t know about it before. Was planning on getting the uprated set. Think that’s a pretty fair assessment of the car.

It’s got best part of a year’s mot on it still . Can’t remember the exact dates. It’s a solid jump in and drive car that could do with even more Tlc than its received so far. I’m hoping to get 4-5 k for this car as its due me much more but am willing to listen to reasonable offers.




good luck with the sale mate its a nice car


Thanks mate actually getting upset about it.the pit of the stomach goes all funny when ever I think about it. What do you think on the price? Not to ambitious is it


the good cars are making great money just now mate yours is a nice example will always need things doing whoever buys it but I recon its a good price for the car and work you have already done to it .


Good luck with the sale , looks a decent motor somyoutr in the right are pricevwise if not a tad low




Awesome guys thanks for the heads up. Spread the word then haha I’d prefer for it to go to someone that would take care of it . Even better if it’s in the club


Must resist the urge… Must resist the urge…
But its blue and lovely!!!
Honestly mate if i wasn’t up for redundancy I would be asking for more details. Maybe when they pay me my retention bonus at the end of the year if you still have her!!

I can already feel the eyes of my misses burning into the back of my head…


I’m not biased but I say go for it. What’s the worst that can happen haha. There is a good chance I’ll still have it as I’ve put it up in a couple places and had no interest at all