1996 Mitsubishi FTO GPX (This is now mine)

In a bizarre twist of fate this is now mine, Taxed until Feb 2015, I will be MOTing it soon, after the work is done.

Hey all, Just testing the water here. I don’t know if i’m allowed to try and sell a car on someone else’s behalf so please remove it if it’s not allowed.

My ex-wife phoned me today in a panic because she needs to sell her car as she can’t afford to keep it anymore.

Please forgive this introduction but I don’t really know too much about the car but I will be receiving more information and photos tomorrow.

It’s a Silver 96 Mitsubishi FTO 2.0 GPX (Manual Version) it was imported from Japan years ago and has been serviced regularly ever since it came to these shores. It does require a little work for the MOT but it really isn’t major mechanical work, just the lower ball joints the CV Boot and a steering Rack Boot (all really easy stuff).

Damage wise it was fine the last time I saw it (two months ago or so) but will update when I see pictures.

She wants £800 for a quick sale. It has had four new tyres recently, a new battery, new stepper motor, New cat back stainless single bore exhaust and it has a foam filter thing (not sure what make).

I really don’t know if she wants to put it on flea-bay or the like, she definitely doesn’t want less than £800 though.

She keeps banging on that it’s a rare manual car (she mentioned only three of them in the country) I really cannot say with any accuracy if this is true or not. Evil Rob would be best placed to answer that.

More pictures to follow when I get them.

Thanks for your time guys and girls.



p.s: I would have put a funnier advert up but don’t know if she’ll ever see this, don’t really fancy getting into trouble. haha

Hi Andy

good luck with the sale fella as for the rare bit manual GPX’s aren’t rare in that respect there are quite a lot around although you do find a lot of sludge boxes too .

Go on put your other post up , you know you want too :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

Mr.Butler was looking for one recently.


I spoke to Butler already and he has one lined up.

It would give me nothing but pleasure to put up what I really want, but I feel it would be detrimental to the sale. haha

But it’s genuinely a nice car (from what I remember). It’s the one that made me seriously get a 3000GT.

legnum lump in it 8)

I would so love to do that but unfortunately I don’t have the funds for it, just gonna do the work on it and get rid.

I don’t know if this makes a difference but it’s a Mivec.

Apparently a Manual Mivec is rare, I really don’t know too much about these though and i’m not about to spend £20 just to ask the question to ftooc. :lol: