1996 Mitsubishi GTO MR VR4 in stable now


After 12 years of searching I have found myself a Blue 1996 Mitsubishi GTO MR VR4, 6 speed manual, twin turbo 4WS and I call it the Blues buster, because you cannot help smiling when you drive it. The car has been in New Zealand a long time and is very original, with only the wheels and suspension not stock (I do have the stock suspension struts). The car has done 170,000km’s but still feels tight and drives beautifully. The chassis No is Z15A-0200422, so if someone can confirm the full spec and advise if it would be worth shipping to the UK when I come over in May 2017. What would this lethal weaopn be worth in the UK? Being a NZ car she is 99% clean and rust free as I can only see one little spot on the factory sunroof.

Colin Willis
(VR-4 venom)

Congratulations a really clean Mr has got to be worth at least 4.5/5 k upwards depending on everything working OK. The prices on our cars is going up right now and cars in the UK often are pretty rusty underneath. There are some hopeful numbers being asked for average cars.
On the other hand l have seen carsthat have been offered at up to 12k quite a few at 6/7/8,s but until you see them in the metal you cannot judge and the cost of doing the underneath of one (l know l have done it) is probably much more than paying a good price for a really good car.
Sounds like you have a good one there (l have a red mr) rust free is a real bonus maybe a little highish mileage (they are 20odd years old) but as long as it is looked after should be great, hope you did a good deal to get it.
Good luck with your car.

Hi Collin

Car is a Japanese Domestic market car

No rear wheel steer MR model without Hybrid Diff

Made 2/1/1996

B34A Blue with Mauve hue in it rather than plain blue

Other than that a normal car

Would have thought it would be worth more to sell down there and buy another when you get here !!

Cheers Rob

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Himand welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Get some pics of the old girl,up,when you can


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Welcome Colin, Blue :astonished: very rare color You’ve got there :grin:


Few years late, not sure if you ever bought this car but I now own it here in New Zealand. I bought it not knowing it was a MR for about 6000nzd but after buying I learnt it was a MR and the BBS wheels on the car are actually stock from factory and they were a special option on only MR models.

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Welcome Matt, put up some pics of the car.

Welcome to GTOUK Matt, love mr,s it is a very good spec as far as l am concerned, got some myself.
Good luck with your car.

You’ve got everything @jerry_SC :joy::joy::joy:

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I now own this beautiful MR. I bought it off Matt in September 2020.

It’s funny how I’ve come across this thread so many times and only realised original poster was talking about my car!!!


Congrats and welcome aboard :sunglasses:

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Thanks CDMH!

I’ve been in the GTO game since 1997 when I was 10! Owned them since 2010. I don’t know why I only joined these forums now.

You’ve found us now that’s all that matters :sunglasses:

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Thanks everyone!

Appreciate the welcomes. I’ll make a proper post in the introduce yourself section.

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Welcome to GTOUK Paolo, nice colour MR, good luck with your project. Love MR,s got them myself.

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Welcome to a fellow mr owner. Car looks great, good luck with it.

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