1998 Ford Fiesta 1.25LX Zetec SOLD SOLD SOLD

I am selling my beloved 1998 MK5 Ford Fiesta 1.25LX 5 door

I have owned this car for the past 4 years and it has never let me down not even once…

I have replaced everything on the car as it has been needed and i doubt you will have to spend much on it for the next 3-4 years!!

It comes with tax till the end of November and is MOT’ed till mid November too.

I have replaced the following on the car

New Exhaust Jan this year

New Battery Nov last

New discs and pads last weekend

new rear Wheel bearing last weekend

New Clutch March this year

New hand brake cables and brake shoes and master cylinder Nov last year

Recent full service plugs filters etc…

2way speaker system i installed that sounds great

Everything works on the car and it drives really nice

Starts first time every time and does 40MPG !!! when driven briskly
I managed 55MPG when i was driving very slowly for a few weeks

The car has Avon tyres on the front and Firestones on the back all four with less that a years wear and years of tread left in them yet…Wanted Excellent wet weather grip !!

The car is not perfect body work wise as it has some rust on it in places and a few small dents , but nothing some touching up wont cure.
One of the rear arches hasa small amount but not again something that could not be put right one Saturday afternoon…

Car has electric windows, a sunroof and 4 spoke Ghia alloys

Would make a ideal go to work car and leave the GTO/3000GT for best !!!

Give me a call or PM me if your interested or its ebay real soon…lol

I want £395.00 for the old girl… some body give her a good home !!

Sold and gone to a good home, so some one can keep their GTO for best !!!