1998 Mk 3 GTO Twin Turbo for sale


Hi all,

I used to me a member of this forum, and paid up member of GTO UK way back when (maybe 15 years ago or more now). Used to go to the meets and some of the events at Ace Café and was very proud of my imported 98Mk 3 with personalized plate and loop spoiler. Spent a lot of money souping up the car, some very high torque at low gears, twin powerflow exhausts, work done on the fuel system, 7 stack stereo and indiglo dials.
Here comes the sob story. Moved away from the UK a while back and the car is slowly dying on the driveway. It hasn’t been run in several years and we are looking to remodel the house.

So…quite keen to shift the car, so we can get the work done on the house.

FYI, I know only fully paid up members can post classifieds, I paid the membership last week, but for some reason I still can’t post the sale ad (I have messaged Dave), hence this post in the general forum.

Not sure what it would be worth now, it still looks great and over the years probably spent about 15K GBP (all work done by Ben and Mark at Eurospec 2000, who can also verify what’s in it as I didn’t bring the paperwork with me overseas), but as mentioned it hasn’t been started in a while and is just sitting under a cover on the drive.

Happy to listen to any offers if folks want to PM me or reply. Some photos from last year are below.

Stuff I remember doing to the car (have the full service history back in the UK, don’t have it with me):

  • 1998 MKIII GTO Twin Turbo
  • 0-60 when running in around 5.5 seconds
  • Twin Powerflow Exhausts
  • 18” Vredestein tires with black rims
  • Indiglo dials
  • Nomad dump valve
  • Aftermarket fuel system
  • Centre gauges
  • ECS wiring harness
  • Y pipe with Mikalor Clamp
  • Boost controller with 4 optimised settings – 350lb of torque on second gear!

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If anyone remembers me from those days, my nickname was Gan and the car was nicknamed Starsky (by Ben himself!)



Sorted issue with membership @anannya apologizes. Dave