2 Fast 2 Furious and American Muscle

Total washout… the day started off raining and didn’t stop till mid afternoon… 34 cars turned up
out of the usual 150 plus and didn’t even take my own cars down… it was the first trip out for the
hot rod this year and had spent the last couple of weeks cleaning and getting it ready only to
leave it parked in it’s garage… Still it was nice to see the few that did venture out to support the
show regardless of the bad weather and their extra work drying their motors off once they got
home and was most surprised to see a three windowed coupe open engine hot rod among the
ones that did come as cleaning an engine off after spending time out in the rain is not the nicest
of jobs which I’ve learnt from experience when cough in the rain using my T rod…

The remainder of the carnival was hit by the bad weather as well with roughly less than half the
turn out that is usually there and the carnival parade was cut to around a third of the size it has
always been, but the evening continued with the live band and drinks along side the fair that
stayed open until late evening when it was over and the evening finished of with another brilliant
fireworks display

Anyway… no pics from the show that I know of as yet… didn’t take any myself but if I do find that
anyone took some pics then will get them posted… I suppose I can’t complain having one wet
day out of the 6 years it’s been running so lets hope next year is like it usually is… a bright sunny