2 project GTO's opportunity


I have a neighbour with 2 auto n/a GTO’s in relatively good nick. He has said they’re mine for £2.5k. I’ve never owned one but like the idea of a manual turbo version. I think this maybe do able between the two and some purchases from Dr GTO. What should I look for and how easy are these cars to work on and do conversions on?.


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Who is Dr GTO ?

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I saw someone mention the site on a Facebook group. Appears it’s a site run by someone selling all sorts of bits and pieces for GTO’s. Correct name for a Google search is GTO Doctor. Any ideas for these two that I am looking at buying?

Avoid like the plague if he is still going


That bad? How so? :joy:

The original GTO Doctor was a breaker and so called specialist , didn’t send out parts once paid for also substandard parts and also work was substandard , we got rid of him off here years ago last I heard he had gone under


Ok doke. That’s noted, I’ll avoid as suggested then I think, thanks.

Well, it certainly is his website, still running, someone’s paying for it. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome to GTOUK , are both cars non runners ? I don’t know what is like to own auto GTO but generally GTOS are not the easiest cars to work on . Have You read the buyers guide ?