2017 renewal

Hi is it nearly time to renew my membership please, can I do it in the shop
Ta Andy

You can Andy or if you bring your form you can pay cash at the AGM , if you do the later then bringing the form is a must

Craig :slight_smile:

Hullo Craig can’t come to AGM so will pay today in the shop
Thanks for your prompt reply

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Sorry mate thought I had seen your name down on the list , my bad , should have gone to spec savers .

But yeah club shop is fine

Craig :grinning:

me again, bit confused, nothing unusual about that really, just went to the shop to renew subs but could not find how to do it
i know that when i joined i used paypal but how ?
need to do it soon as will be away for two weeks on wednesday ( unless i win the lottery ! ) :confused:

Hi Andy,

I’ve checked your subscription.

Last time you purchased your full-membership subscription via the shop and paid via PayPal.

When you complete via PayPal this sets you up with automatic subscription payments unless you cancel.

You haven’t cancelled so your next payment should be taken automatically by PayPal in about 5 days time.

You can view your membership status on this page:

You can also cancel your subscription from that page if you wish.



thats great Dean, will defo renew, damm good club and people
any probs just message me
ta Andy :thumbsup:


Hi Dean, lastYear I’ve paid via PayPal, forgot or didn’t realize about the automatic subscription payments and I’ve sent a bank cheque for this Year with the letter. Can You look in to it and get rid of the cheque if I’m set up for automatic subscription? Cheers.

I can confirm @spiros that your Full-Membership subscriptions is active and will attempt to automatically renew via PayPal in about 4 days time.

@stevie did post this before:

@stevie and @Tracie I believe handle the cheques - I’ll let them comment here - but I’m don’t think it will be a problem as the cheque won’t have been cashed yet.


Hi @spiros,

We have received your cheque, could you confirm you want me to destroy it and use the automated method, and I will do so.



Hi @Tracie You can wait and see if the automatic subscription takes place , if it does destroy it if not keep it. Cheers

OK will do @spiros , Thanks.


Automatic subscription worked @Tracie paid with Paypal , You can bin the cheque .Cheers


Will do @spiros :thumbsup:


Paid via paypal today

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Auto subscribe took my money today. Simples