2018 Christmas Raffle


Hi Guys,

I know this is rather short notice but we seemed to have overlooked the annual raffle at the Xmas Do.

Could I ask each of you coming along to try and bring a raffle prize.
This is usually drawn in the bar after the meal by @Silverfox (Dan).

Thank you in advance, this is going to be an awesome weekend.


Missing Food Orders - Xmas Party

What’s normally the budget :grin:


There is no budget buddy, anything really



I have some new ladies watches still from when I used to sell them, happy to donate a couple as prizes as I did before.

Will send them to Steve b4 event :kissing_heart:

Have a great time peep’s



I’m off sick with pneumonia at the moment. But I should definitely be well in time for the party.
More than happy to host the raffle.

Prizes can be anything. Booze, chocolates & car bits usually go down well. But anything really.


Thanks for offering to do the raffle, you are the best raffler :joy:

Hope you are feeling better soon, look after yourself Dan.



Just a quick reminder on the raffle.
We are asking members coming if they could try and bring along a prize.

Hopefully if @Silverfox (Dan) is feeling better he will be running the raffle after the meal.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Yes I’m harsh, tagged you all, so there’s no excuses about not knowing :joy::joy::joy:

@3000gt (you could offload one of your Penny Black stamps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
@just_cool (you definitely need a tag/reminder :joy:)
@markie1978 (you surely have some spare chocolates lying around :rofl:)
@lukas (these guys love a decent chamois :kissing_heart:)
@ms8leach (kitchen cleaning products are always good :joy:)

Those that haven’t been before, the raffle is always good fun as Dan is the best host, no pressure Dan :grin:, no pressure on spends (£) any contribution is appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, for what is always a great night.



Hi all,

Are we bringing a present per guest - so i need to get two?



No James, it’s just one raffle prize, but feel free to bring two or 3 if you like :grin:



Hm…:thinking: I have translated “decent chamois” and still not catching what do you mean…:thinking:


I thought me just turning up would be the best gift anyone could ask for :joy:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Santa nutter :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


:joy::joy: you must remember Craig when you tried that “I thought” as a kid and at the same time you got a slap the words were “well you thought wrong” :rofl:
Just saying :hugs:



I should be well enough, getting better all the time :slight_smile: