Club events list for 2021

With COVID 19 still causing event uncertainties we will have to update this list as and when we hear anything.

We want to give members as much notice as possible to make arrangements to attend the events.
We are sure you will understand these events could be postponed or cancelled at any time.
We may add other events to the list as things change.
If there’s an event members want to attend and enough interest is shown we will look to add it to the calendar.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021

Castle Combe June 5th

Nec practice classic June 11th-13th

Santapod events
Japshow 6th June
Japshow finale 3rd October

Japfest new venue Donington Park event to be announced

JAE Norfolk show ground 12th-15th Aug

AGM to be announced

Yakushi day and weekend events to be announced advised Sept

Birthday bash to be announced

Christmas party to be announced


Well up for events this year.
Hopefully, we can do some as a club.


Yeah me too - I guess going from government guidelines this will be after June 21st when hopefully the majority of restrictions are lifted. Hopefully this means we can have a banging JAE at the very least :+1:

NEC in June cancelled by organisers.

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Anyone planning on going to Simply Jap at Beaulieu this year, be great to go as a club

Just seen this :joy: come on people let’s get the date in our diaries :+1:

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Santa Pod tickets have just gone live. Who’s up for Japshow.


Yes yea!

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Are we planning on going to Japshow as a club this year??? Need to book it soon I reckon.

Actually just found out that “club stands” aren’t happening this year.

I’m up for japshow.
I quite like the idea of overnight camping on the sat, if anyone up for it?

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Cool, I’ve booked tickets for Sunday see you then hopefully. Can’t camp unfortunately.

Anyone interested in going to the Japshow finale at Santa pod this year?
The club usually makes an attendance.

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Hi Marty,

Thanks for your interest.

The club will be booking a club stand if we can get enough interest buddy.