2gether v Sky

Just reinsured my 91 MK 1 TT with 2gether insurance co for £336 for the year. Closest Sky could get was £442 :shock: My previous insurer said they couldn’t cover me because of the mods :?
Previous insurer said Highway wouldn’t cover me because of the mods, Sky quote was also with Highway, and new Policy is with guess who, Highway :shock: :?

43 years old
9 years protected no claims
Mods declared ( ind kit, ebc and decat)
1 SP30 ( Sept 2003)
Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser
£350 excess
NR34 post code

                 Cheers Dave

Your SP30 does not need to be declared after three years have passed as it is regarded as spent. It just stays on the license for four years.

i think ANY insurer will ask for points/bans in the last 5 years.

Insurance companies ask the same question ‘have you have any convictions in the last 5 years’. Though the points only last for 3 it will invalidate your insurance if you dont declare them as you will have lied onthe proposal form.

The points remain valid for 3 years. The conviction stays on your license for 4 years. I have 2 3point ones that are nearly 4 years old but had to declare them on all the quotes I did this morning for insurance.

I stay’d with Sky as they price matched the best quote I got. £385 fully comp with buisiness use.

The bit what surprised me was that they were all with Highway. One company couldn’t quote and the others were £100 difference.


What you will find is that insurance brokers tend to get different prices from the insurance company. It all depends on how many policies they send thier way and don’t forget that brokers have different mark ups (profit margins) as well.