2nd Gen Engine SOLD


Fully operational 2nd Generation complete engine.

2nd gen engines have MLS head gaskets and forged cranks as standard. They also have cam and crank sensors and are regarded as the stronger and more reliable engines of the 2 variants.

This engine is from a MK2 GTO with 106k on the clock, a mixture of KM in Japan (60k) and 46k miles in the UK. The engine starts fine and idles without issue. Sump is in great shape with no dents etc. As the car was damaged when purchased i have not been able to fully test the engine in a driving scenario. However i have been able to verify the condition of this engine by completing the following tests:

Compression test (dry, warm)
Cyl 1 - 149 psi
Cyl 2 - 150 psi
Cyl 3 - 148 psi
Cyl 4 - 153 psi
Cyl 5 - 151 psi
Cyl 6 - 153 psi

Oil pressure (mechanical taken at stock sender location on oil pump)
Cold idle, 15 secs after start - 58 psi
Hot idle after 10 mins running - 20 psi

There is substantial service history with the car, all of which indicate regular servicing and annual oil changes for much of the cars life when in the UK.

Complete engine with Alternator/ A/c pump, Pwr Steering Pump, Turbo’s, Manifolds, Sensors etc £1200 collection only (I can offer additional services at cost - Cambelt and water pump change etc if required)

Bare engine, block and heads, £900 collection only.


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