3.6tt engine-whether to sell or find a shell for it!

Hi, I have a 6g74tt engine with a ridiculous spec but the shell I was going to run isn’t straight. I can’t decide whether to part it out or try to find a car to use it in. So my first question is what would this engine be worth to somebody? It’s 6g74 block, re-lined, align bored and honed, fully machined and balanced, Ross forged oversized pistons, eagle forged rods, 6g72tt gas flowed heads with stage 2 crower cams and valve train inc titanium retainers, 1mm oversize valves (stainless and inconel), mls headgaskets, 3sx billet fuel rails, rc 1000cc injectors, altered atmosphere 600bhp twin turbo kit, lightweight flywheel and solid race clutch, braided oil lines and various other bits. All new gaskets, pumps, belts, plugs, leads and service parts. Built but never run.
Failing that, I would be interested in a manual tt with a blown engine and reasonable history and mileage once lockdown is over if anyone has one? Thanks!


Welcome to GTOUK Peter.

Hi Peter.
Nice engine spec buddy.

Hi and welcome,any pictures of the beast?

Hi and welcome Peter, that’s some spec motor, have you got a figure in mind.
Or could your pick up a cheap na and swap over?
Good luck with it.

To be honest I don’t have a clue what it’s worth! I know that I have receipts and from memory there’s about 8k plus in the engine between parts and machining. I’m just trying to figure if I’d get an acceptable amount back. Obviously I know I won’t get near 8k but I have less free time these days due to family so it’s hard to find time to work on it. It’s a tough decision given how much time and money I’ve put into the car but if I can get a fair amount for it then I would cut my losses. An na swap is an option but I feel like the end car being a conversion wouldn’t justify the work involved. I’ve seen a couple of blown MRs for sale but they seem to have mot failures for rust in the past and are generally really rough.


Regarding pictures, I don’t have any at the moment. My garage is not at my house. I should be able to get some when I go over to it next but obviously as things are it’s not easy! It’s currently sat in the car but not wired or plumbed in. It was built but I haven’t tried to fire it up as time didn’t allow.

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As for the engine I was in the same boat with one I was having built , unfortunately as you say the money you have invested will never be returned due to the fact that it’s an unknown non running engine :disappointed:

Best bet would be to find a shell they are out there but again like you say there likely will be rust and body issues on the cheap ones


It would be a shame to sell it as you have done all the hardwork , find a decent body and get it running. Can’t wait to hear that engine rev!

Thanks for all the responses everyone! Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell it at the moment, just trying to figure out where to go from here. So from what everyone is saying, it seems like selling the engine is a non starter so I have 3 options: 1- get a cheap 2kish rough tt, maybe with blown engine, transfer engine and tidy the car up.do-able but history won’t be great. 2- get a reasonable na for similar money and convert ( I have a full tt donor minus interior but shell isn’t straight). 3- spend a bit more on a nicer tt and transplant, although then I am probably devaluing a standard car. I also still need to buy standalone and better brakes and suspension depending what is on the car I buy.
I plan to try to keep the Interior and outside as standard as I can. Anyone been down any of these routes before? Any advice or pitfalls? Finally, I see a lot of tidy 3kgts on eBay etc around 10k plus. Are they actually selling for these prices? I can’t tell as they are classifieds.

A lot of them are all from the same place in London and don’t you them with a barge pole lol, have a good search around and you’ll find a good enough car for £1500-£2000 or even less if it’s an n/a with a dead engine

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That shouldn’t be an issue, I’m in North Yorkshire! I’ll have a hunt once lockdown is over! But for now I might crack on building the loom. That way I guess I can at least get it running in it’s current shell


I heard Westfield has a graveyard full of them try ringing g ian after lockdown and see if he has anything.

Westfields dont have anything that will be available for sale Tom

Pete Have a good Look around after the virus i bet there will be some real bargains out there

I have a customer who bought a 1999 Carbon interior UK 3000GT with only 51,000 genuine miles on it for £6000 as he is the only the 2nd owner, you have to keep your eyes peeled Pete.


Hope I’m not breaking the rules, just seen it pop up on facebook group and thought it might be useful to you and if you do decide to get a shell


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Thanks for the heads up but I don’t think I can get away with taking a car trailer to the other end of the country as being essential travel :joy: I’m going to have to wait until we are free to travel again I think


Yea, didnt think you would be able to get it, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on who has bit for after all this, and plus like most people here, we want more members, so I will try to help

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