3000GT compressor


If I end up needing a 3000GT Mk2 compressor can you supply them and if so how much?


mark mitzi main dealer quoted me 800 something then the clutch mechanism on top!! but the robmeister will be able to help i’m sure!!
if he’s not sleep outside his shop that is!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


how long for them discs rob??? :wink: :wink:

Looks like he’s still sleeping!


Hi Mark.

We are so mega busy at the moment i am not getting time to visit the site and reply to stuff… :oops: :oops:

PM me your VIN number and i will ask the questions in Japan for you.

The price is quite different from the R12 to the R134a versions.

Cheers Rob

No worries Rob - I’ve PM’d you my VIN.

Ordered some Meguiars off your website so we can shine up my dads new corvette! Love the website.

Any luck Rob - this racket is driving me up the wall!

Got the Meguiars stuff today Rob - thanks for the quick delivery.


Hi Mark

Glad you got the Meguiars Ok

I now have the compressor on the bench.

Just need to clean the label carefull to read the numbers and i will get back to you in the morning

Cheers Rob

I am so going to have to get paul W back for that Photo…But my revenge will be sweet…When i think of some thing that is…■■■■■■ Kids

Great stuff Rob - hope it’s a match!

If you get the answering machine just leave a message and I’ll get back to you in the evening - got a hectic day tomorrow!