3000GT/GTO vs EVO IX or VIII


Do anyone want to make a comparison between a 3000GT/GTO and EVO IX or VIII? If you have ever driven an EVO, I have not.




The GTO is nicer to look at, I think.

there’s an evo XIII?

Sorry VIII, not XIII. I changed it! :slight_smile:

Been in an evo 8, for a 2.0 turbo engine, mitzi engineered a monster. Ride was comfortable enough. But the turbo lag… its laughable.

It’s a different animal altogether ones a grand tourer the others a rally car.

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I think Gavin has hit the nail on the head there. If you want a car to have a blast on a country road / track then get an Evo. If you want a powerful cruiser then get a GTO. If you want a car that can do both then the GTO would be the best compromise in my opinion.

Point and squirt and around the twisties evo will be more fun , high speed cruising GTO smacks it hands down , tune a GTO and you can wipe the floor with a standard evo in acceleration obviously a tuned evo is a different matter .

The speeds I’ve had out of my scooby on motorways etc my GTO was just getting in to its stride , where as the scoob is running out of puff

Craig :grinning:

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I’m struggling with this very question myself at the moment even though I own a 3000GT.

Of course it could be as simple as if you can cope with a 2 door or do you need 4? :slight_smile:

Yes they are very different…

But how does an EVOs steering feel like, quick response? Over-steer or under-steer? (tarmac condition).

I guess the comfort is much better in a 3000GT, because it is a GT (Grand tourer).

And acceleration 0-60 mph, 3000GT(320hp) is about 5 seconds I think. What about EVO IX/VIII stock?

John :slight_smile:

Thats because you bought a poof’s scoob!! Get an STI and it will be a different matter! :joy:

Lol Craig’s probably had a few over the years!

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Whaaat? @Butler Poofs!!! No way jose!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:

Think he meant STI’s!!!

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Joke Max, Joke, you didn’t mean STD’s did ya!!! :open_mouth:

Terry :sunglasses:

Yeah yeah whatever .

Not going to be a scoob or evo unless it’s been heavily leant on will match a GTO when it’s in its stride , gearing is so long on the GTO .

Craig :grinning:

The long gearing is pretty good fun. Funnily enough i came across an Evo 10 yesterday. He stayed with me until he changed into 3rd and i was still in 2nd and pulled away. Once i changed to 3rd he started to close the gap but not long after he was into 4th and i was away. Gave him a little bit of hope and then made him cry. He pulled up at the next roundabout and said he had just bought the car and thought it was really quick, now he is rethinking that! haha.