3000GT (RHD) UK Models

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Newb here, I wonder if anyone please can can tell me about the UK (RHD) models? or point me in the right direction?

I read that in the UK, the 3000GT was only available in twin turbo 4WD AWS form and leather interior (not cloth).

Can anyone fill me in with the details and specs of the UK models?, and if the 3rd Gen (combat wing) was only available with leather interiors specs etc…

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Nick. (NickUK)

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Welcome to GTOUK Nick , read this for a start https://www.gto.club/resources/buyers-guide/


Hi and welcome to GTOUK Nick

Do you have a car or are you Looking for one ?

The UK model is the rarest model as it wasnt a huge seller here, majority of UK cars are jap imports

Instead of the snake eye sidelights below the headlights it had headlight washers and sidelights in the bumper

There are a few 3000gt owners on here who should show up in a timely fashion

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hi, yes, I have a mk1 UK model. it’s what everyone already said plus bigger turbos and brakes but not more power as they also came with 3 (think) cats which put the power back to a JDM model.

The UK mk1 came later to UK than JDM and had the MK2 engine (from Rob, I didn’t know that)

also, the mk1 UK model didn’t have a sports mode on the exhaust and the user side was wax oiled

that’s all I know


Thank you for the info…

I have not bought one yet… i’m having a good look at these…

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Hi Nick,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Always good to have a look around and take the buyers guide with you. Also when you do find one you are considering post it up on the forum as someone, probably craig @CDMH will have seen it before :grinning:


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That is very good advice… thank you

When you open the boot there are holes on each side that are drains, if they are blocked there is a good chance of rust in the boot corners

Don’t forget the all important,
UK Spec have heated wing mirrors rather than the import has electrically retracting ones instead.
I’m under the belief that the UK Spec mk2 also did have more power than the imports. Irrespective for mine because it’s defo got more.
Oh and it’s for sale. If your interested Nick.

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Mk1 1993 import fully electric and heated Martyn .


Mines a 1991 import electric, not sure about heated and manual folding

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Mines UK, heated, electric, but not electric folding.

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The UK cars (300GTs) come with 282bhp rather than the 276bhp of the imports (GTOs). The turbos are slightly bigger but to little benefit due to the additional catalytic converters. They all came with 4WD, four wheel steering, ECS (adaptive dampers) and the leather interior as you mention.

They never came with the combat rear wing - the mk2 body styling was carried through to the end of production in 1999, hence the 1993 onwards cars with integrated headlights have the actiove rear bootlid spolier, not the hoop spoiler (mk3) or combat spoiler (mk4).

My 1994 mk2 has mirrors with electrically adjustable heated glass that manually fold. The early mk1s had a switchable exhaust, but none of the mk2’s did (nor late mk1’s I don’t think). Most are running something stainless steel by now anyway.

The brakes were common across 3000GTs and GTOs -some time around late 1992 the fronts were upgraded from 296mm 4 pots to 314mm versions (caliper is the same). At the same time the rears were changed from single piston sliding claipers to two piston fixed calipers. I believe the disk size stayed the same.

Likewise the change in the design of the engine’s bottom end from 2 bolt to 4 bolt happened around the same time on GTOs (1992 ish). Based on e55t33’s comments, it may be all mk1 3000GTs have 4 bolt engines because of this, certainly my K reg one did. There is a thread on here somewhere on how to distinguish between the two visually.


Just to add more to what neil wrote…

Most later Non Turbo cars still had MK1 brakes fitted as standard and only had the later bigger brakes if the customer paid to have the option when it was purchased new from the main dealer.

All 3000GT’s were basically the same MK2 GTO’s they come with brigger brakes and 4 bolt main engines etc…