3000gt sidelight connectors

Hi Rob,

Do you have/can you get the connectors to plug the loom into the back of the front sidelight bulb holders for the mk2 3000gt? I’ve fitted the light units to my new bumper, but I can’t swap the bumpers over until I can plug the loom onto the new sidelights… Mistsi can’t get them, and my local autoelectricians can’t find a compatible connector! If not are there any other bulb holders that will fit the sidelight unit that you can get a plug for?



Hiya Robin,

Will look into this for you and anyone else who wishes to do this mod and report back here ASAP.

Cheers Rob

Cheers Rob,

Any help you can offer with this upgrade is greatly appreciated!!! the sidelights fitted for the SVA (10 years ago!) look shocking!

Thanks again,